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Product updates
Learn more about our latest platform features and enhancements.
Woohoo! We're excited to launch our brand new CRM texting feature that makes it easy for you to instantly start texting your CRM contacts from Salesmsg. Custom trigger merge fields, feature requests, and much more.
We made some huge improvements to Salesmsg over the last month. We added real-time HubSpot contact searching to make it easy for you to instantly search for your HubSpot contacts right from Salesmsg to start texting. Aircall Shared Inboxes is now available and so much more.
We released some great new features for HubSpot which will help you have more meaningful conversations quicker, faster, and easier than ever before. Assign shared inbox conversations based on HubSpot Contact Owner, see more info on the sidebar widget, and much more!
Not only did we release some amazing new features like Analytics & Reporting, but we also announced some great new features to our HubSpot integration. You can now send SMS from your HubSpot Deal Workflows, start HubSpot workflows when someone calls or texts your Salesmsg number, auto-assign conversations based on the HubSpot Contact Owner, and more.
July was a busy month for the mobile app. We made some BIG improvements and features to the iOS and Android app to now give you canned messages, CRM merge fields, MMS capabilities, voice calling, and internal notes. 
We made some big new updates to the mobile app, Chrome extension, and web app. Features include shared inboxes, CRM merge fields, conversation notes, and outbound calling from your mobile phone number to make texting Salesmsg even better!
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