Bring Your Own Twilio Numbers

Integrate Twilio with Salesmsg to use your own Twilio numbers to send, receive,
and manage texts, calls, numbers, and more.

*You will need to connect your Twilio account to start using Salesmsg.
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Bring Your Own Numbers

Connect your Twilio account to bring over your own Twilio numbers to use on Salesmsg.

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Built-in Compliance

No extra verification needed for numbers registered under 10DLC or toll-free,
making them accessible for use.

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Texting & Calling

Send, receive, and manage calls and texts from your Twilio numbers on Salesmsg.

How We Help Our
Twilio Customers

Effortlessly create, send, receive, automate, and
manage conversations and calls all-in-one place.

AI-Powered Messaging

Text with Twilio Numbers

Unlock the power of Salesmsg messaging suite through Twilio integration, leveraging your current Twilio numbers for SMS/MMS conversations and management.

Activate Twilio for Texting

Dual Channel Accessibility

AI-Enhanced Messaging

Twilio + Salesmsg Calling = Success

Advanced Calling

Step into a realm of next-level calling through the dynamic integration of Twilio and Salesmsg. Uncover a suite of advanced calling tools, from interactive IVR to powerful conference calling,
& more!

Pick Numbers with Ease

Connect Many in Conference Calls

Craft Interactive Voice Responses Effortlessly

World of Integrations

Limitless Integration Possibilities

Unlock a spectrum of integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom & more with Twilio-Salesmsg. Seamlessly connect, automate, and enhance communication.

Simplify Workflows

Boost Productivity

Amplify Engagement

Mobile Flexibility

Anywhere, Any Device with Salesmsg

Text effortlessly from desktop or on-the-go with Salesmsg Mobile App for iOS/Android. Or message contacts via browser for universal access!

Texting Across Desktop & Mobile

Compatible with Apple & Android

Browser Extension for Easy Access

Trusted by some of the best companies in the world...

Brian Moran

Brian Moran


Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days!

"For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We TRIPLED the business in less than 60 days!"

Stop playing phone tag and start turning texts into sales, faster.

“Instantly increased response rates by 52%
From task automation to workflow integration, Salesmsg has allowed us to move forward and innovate getting us an almost immediate increase in response rate by 52%. Everyone loves the service too! So glad I found Salesmsg!
Joe Ben Zvi
Joe Ben-Zvi
“Immediate ROI in our first week!
This is the app we've been dreaming about after months of manually using other phone line services that didn't integrate with our CRM. Our team finds it incredibly easy to use. It's a no-brainer must-have tool for your business.
Patrick Conley
“The BEST SMS app!

This is one of the best SMS and call apps I have encountered so far. It integrates with ActiveCampaign and also lets me record calls. The call quality is great and the setup is easy. The customer support is great and new features are added all the time.
Dr. Christine Sauer
CEO & Founder
“15X ROI in less than an hour
WOW! We started using Salesmsg on Monday morning and in less than an hour received 15X ROI on our initial investment! We absolutely love how easy Salesmsg is to engage with our leads and customers with texting.
Sarah Bigby
Inside Sales
“Boosted webinar attendance to 90%
Salesmsg is just what we need to build the relationships with our clients. We had another campaign we did using SMS - an offline seminar meeting, where 90% of attendees confirmed that they showed up only because they got the SMS reminders.
Michal Koziol
“72% increase in outreach engagement
We were limited to emails and leaving voicemails when a client was unavailable to answer the phone. The advantage Salesmsg gives us is quicker response times and an all-inclusive contact strategy increasing our outreach engagement by 72%!
Kevin Jimeno

Salesmsg + Twilio Integration FAQs

Looking for more information about the Salesmsg SMS texting integration? We’ve shared some
answers below to get you on your way efficiently and effectively!

How do I initiate the integration between Twilio and Salesmsg?

Before integrating, consult our Sales team for the latest pricing details. Create a new Salesmsg account through the special link provided for Twilio integration. Input your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token in a modal and proceed to select your Twilio numbers.

What are the limitations during the trial period of the integrated account?

During the trial, limitations include a watermark, 25 free credits, one inbox, and a 10 conversation limit per number. Upgrading to a custom plan is easy; simply contact our support team.

What are the notable differences in functionality for Twilio integrated accounts?

Twilio integrated accounts offer extensive features but with distinctions: Compliance info isn't displayed in Salesmsg UI, fixed integration settings, no direct disconnect option, and current lack of short code support. For disconnection, cancellation of the Salesmsg account is required.

Can I purchase more numbers?

Yes. Simply add more numbers in your Twilio account and go to Unassigned Numbers page to assign them to Salesmsg Inbox.

How can I refresh my numbers in unassigned tab if I don't see my new number?

Find and click the small refresh icon in the top right corner of the Unassigned number Table.

Ready to See Salesmsg in Action?

Watch our six-minute demo video to see why Salesmsg is a perfect 2-way texting platform and take your SMS marketing to the next level!

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