Intercom & Salesmsg SMS Integrated As One

Make your marketing more conversational, personalize your outreach to shorten your sales cycles, and create better engagement with customers.

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Real-Time Messaging

Send and receive chat and text messages hassle-free from one inbox.

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Automatic Tagging

Tag conversations in Intercom, ensuring every customer inquiry finds its way to the right team.

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Contact Creation

Salesmsg creates new contacts for unknown senders, ensuring no one gets left behind.

How We Help Our Intercom Customers

Effortlessly create, send, receive, and manage conversations online with all-in-one convenience.

SMS for Marketing

Supercharge Your Messaging

Combine the strengths of Intercom and Salesmsg to supercharge your marketing campaigns. Engage your audience with personalized SMS that drives conversions and boosts profits!

Native SMS within your Intercom Inbox

Easy-to-use Smart Widget

Send & Receive SMS!

SMS for Business

Connect Faster

With a crazy-high 98% open rate, text messaging is THE way to have real-time conversations and combined with Intercom’s chat enabling businesses to connect faster with customers.

Salesmsg SMS tag

Conversation Assignment

Reporting and Analytics

SMS for Sales

No One Left Behind

Boost your sales with SMS! Our ingenious technology maps out all your contacts, so you can easily see which leads to reach out to first. Follow up and connect the leads with your sales team via SMS.

Smart Contacts Matching

Automatic Contact Creation

Internal Notes for your Team

SMS for Support

Creating Remarkable

Deliver exceptional experiences by mapping support inboxes for seamless, personalized customer communication that will make you remarkable.

Dedicated Inboxed for Each Team

Multiple Phone Numbers

Custom Settings

Trusted by some of the best companies in the world...

Brian Moran

Brian Moran


Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days!

"For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We TRIPLED the business in less than 60 days!"

Stop playing phone tag and start turning texts into sales, faster.

“Instantly increased response rates by 52%
From task automation to workflow integration, Salesmsg has allowed us to move forward and innovate getting us an almost immediate increase in response rate by 52%. Everyone loves the service too! So glad I found Salesmsg!
Joe Ben Zvi
Joe Ben-Zvi
“Immediate ROI in our first week!
This is the app we've been dreaming about after months of manually using other phone line services that didn't integrate with our CRM. Our team finds it incredibly easy to use. It's a no-brainer must-have tool for your business.
Patrick Conley
“The BEST SMS app!

This is one of the best SMS and call apps I have encountered so far. It integrates with ActiveCampaign and also lets me record calls. The call quality is great and the setup is easy. The customer support is great and new features are added all the time.
Dr. Christine Sauer
CEO & Founder
“15X ROI in less than an hour
WOW! We started using Salesmsg on Monday morning and in less than an hour received 15X ROI on our initial investment! We absolutely love how easy Salesmsg is to engage with our leads and customers with texting.
Sarah Bigby
Inside Sales
“Boosted webinar attendance to 90%
Salesmsg is just what we need to build the relationships with our clients. We had another campaign we did using SMS - an offline seminar meeting, where 90% of attendees confirmed that they showed up only because they got the SMS reminders.
Michal Koziol
“72% increase in outreach engagement
We were limited to emails and leaving voicemails when a client was unavailable to answer the phone. The advantage Salesmsg gives us is quicker response times and an all-inclusive contact strategy increasing our outreach engagement by 72%!
Kevin Jimeno

Salesmsg + Intercom Integration FAQs

Looking for more information about the Salesmsg SMS texting integration?

We’ve shared some answers below to get you on your way efficiently and effectively!
Got More Questions? Text “ASK” to  (888) 409-2298

Are there any limitations or specific requirements for using the Salesmsg integration with Intercom?

The only requirement is to have your Intercom account registered under the same email as your Salesmsg one.

How does the native integration between Salesmsg and Intercom work?

Once you set up the integration, you can send and receive SMS messages via your Intercom inbox.

Does the Salesmsg integration with Intercom allow me to sync contacts between Intercom and Salesmsg?

Absolutely! You can choose to update contacts in Intercom if the contact has been updated in Salesmsg.

Do I see who is texting me in Intercom?

Yup, our system cross-checks the numbers of inbound SMS to map conversations to the right existing contact. If the contact doesn’t exist, we’ll create a new one automatically.

How do I distinguish SMS conversations from other Intercom conversations?

All SMS conversations are tagged with a ‘Salesmsg SMS’ tag so you can distinguish them from in-app and website chat conversations.

Do I see my Intercom SMS conversations in Salesmsg?

You do! All Intercom SMS conversations are synced in Salesmsg, so you can always see the amount of remaining credits on your account.

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