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February 2021
Salesmsg Product Updates
Chrome Extension Notifications, Team Avatars, Automated Zapier Tag Removal, and More!
Chrome Extension Notification
NEWChrome Extension Notifications
Respond right from Chrome, keeping you inside your CRM
Now whenever you get a text to your personal or shared inbox, the Chrome Extension will light up and stay lit until you read those unread messages! 
Team Profile Avatars
NEW Team Profile Avatars
Upload right from your camera roll, it’s easy to get your face on your account
Your team can upload a personal photo and have it appear on the conversation timeline. This makes it easy to see who is saying what, also adds fun personalization!
Automated Zapier Tag Removal
NEW Automated Zapier Tag Removal
Disposition contacts, leads, or customers using tags inside Salesmsg
The options to automate your tagging with Zapier are now unlimited! Under “Set Up Actions” specify which tags to add AND which tags to remove.
Webhook Search By UR
NEW Webhook Search By URL 
Finding and updating all your webhooks is now tons easier
No need to remember what you named triggers or search 1-by-1! Just paste the webhook URL in your CRM into the Salesmsg search bar.
No Import CRM Texting
NEW “No Import” CRM Texting
 Text your leads, customers, and contacts without importing them
Integrate your CRM with Salesmsg. Once that is done, you’re ready to run. Just type then name of your contact in the search bar and it will appear, ready to text!
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