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In this text, Justin Zimmerman and Darius introduce a workshop that covers six major campaigns related to sales and lead acquisition, including prospecting, leads, sales acceleration, texting campaigns, referrals, and testimonials. They offer three bonuses for signing up for a free trial of their products, which include appointment text reminder campaigns, notifying existing databases of new numbers, and a free training session. The webinar also covers how video and texting can be used together to generate leads and build rapport. The authors emphasize the importance of using a tech stack that works together.

Hi, I'm Justin Zimmerman and I'm going to be one of your hosts and teachers today on this workshop with Darius. And so I'm recording this video after the session is over and so you're going to be watching the replay and wanted to give you a quick introduction so you know how to best spend your time. Over the course of this workshop, we dove deep into six major campaigns starting. At the top from Prospecting and Leads. All the way down through Sales and proposals and estimates and how to qualify and speed up that process. As well as getting into then text blasts and promotions and sales being generated with text and video all the way down to one of my favorites, which was reviews and Testimonials. And so you're going to get these six campaigns. If you haven't already seen the different names for each one of them, I'm going to read them off to you right now is that we have the first one, which is called the Appointments Now Campaign. The two is the more is the sales acceleration formula about proposals and speeding up those estimates. Number three is the legal Mass Blast texting Campaign, where I talk about how, regardless of what industry you're in, how you can use Mass Blast legally, ethically, to generate reviews, sales even, um, educate your customers and your marketplaces on being a marketplace expert and positioning your expertise. A part of that is also the legal and we'll call it compliance aspects around that as well. So if you're ever concerned about how texting and compliance work, you're going to want to check that out. The next one was the Duplicate Yourself campaign. And so that one was really covering how customers who are using Salesmsg in Dub are prerecording their videos, prerecording their onboarding sequences, prerecording all the normal things that they have to repeat themselves. And then using those videos, plus text campaigns, and you'll see those in a second on how to enable customers, enable clients reduce churn and move processes and um, products to being used and um, promoted. The next one was the referral the holiday campaign. That's a really fun one. If, you know, holidays are coming up, we have a great sequence that's easy for you to use texting and video to stay top of mind. Be that person who stands out without you having to always do it, automate it, set it and forget it. That's a real fun one there. Then that last one there's the Reviews and Testimonials Generator. Um, I've got a great case study Daria Susan, my co host on this webinar, goes into it as well on how people are putting their reviews and testimonials on autopilot, making it really super simple that anybody can do it. And so I really hope you enjoy this workshop. It is about an hour and a half long. And so I'm going to help provide some time codes and places you can jump in. So that way if one session is more important to the other, you can skip ahead. And then of course, at the end. The goal is to show you how to use one, two or both together products that if you don't have. Either of them, that you'll take the. Consideration and see the value of using them together and sign up for a free trial of them. And so if you're happening to watch this and the date I think is next Monday, where the offer expires, we're also going to offer some bonuses to help you get a fast start part of getting these apps working together. And so there are really three bonuses you need to be aware of and just need to sign up for a free trial of Salesmsg in Dub before then in order to take advantage and get these. And so the first bonus is I'm going to show you how to create an appointment text reminder campaign. Just the three steps to build out those really quick and easy appointment confirmations using text that makes it super easy for customers and clients to book, confirm and save you a whole bunch of hassle, make you look good and you're going to love that. The other one is when you get a new number, how do you notify your current existing database, the best. Way to do that? So I call that here's my new number campaign. And then lastly, and probably even maybe most importantly, is that there's going to be a free training session with Darius and someone from our company and team where you can come in and get all your questions answered. It's going to help you finish up any missing parts or pieces that are stopping you from getting any of the campaigns you're seeing here from getting them going. And so that's usually not available. It's usually not free when it is available to certain customers. And so we're offering that, ah, implementation session as part of the bonuses for signing up. And so I just want to take. A couple of minutes right now, give. You the big picture and landscape on things. And one thing that you'll notice is there is a telephone number. It is a number that you can text. And when you do, we will reply. You'll see those calls to action, those keywords that will help you decide whether you need more or less support and demos. You'll see what I'm talking about there. So anyways, enjoy the workshop. I'll see you in there in a second and talk to you then. We're going to get started a little bit right now. And as we do that, um, I'm also going to put up a little poll to get a feedback on where everybody is in their business. And so this will help us guide some of today's content. And so when you see that pop up, um, there'll be a great opportunity to fill that in. So it's going to cover what CRMs you use and other aspects of your business. And, um, we've got a lot of. Fantastic things to cover today. Darius and I have poured a ton into today's webinar. And so if you've been reading any of the messages, if you have seen any of the texts, and you're going to get so much out of how to use video and texting today we've made this a fantastic opportunity to really help you improve the current results you're getting. If you're struggling to get results, we're going to show you how to get them. And I just know from personal experience, working with Darius and video obviously working over here at Salesmsg, with texting the open rates, the response rates, the rapport that gets built, the real new next level of sales isn't technology, it's personality. I know, I hear you guys say that all the time. We're the text version of that personality. You guys bring the video aspect of that. And so it's such a beautiful marriage. And so we're really going to be from a high level covering today, basically from prospecting and lead acquisition all the way through contracts and proposals, and then moving further down the sales cycle and funnels into getting reviews, testimonials, and really giving you guys five, six, maybe seven really unique ways to generate leads rapport. Just make it all happen here. So, um, why don't we get a little started on some real formal introductions right now that we've got about coming up on 100 people here right now. And so it looks like, um, why don't you start with us, Derek? Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you're excited about today. Yeah, I was going to say, actually, if you could Ruben, our founder, joined the room. Can you promote him to a co host real quick? Let me see how that works. Yeah, promote the panelists. All right, Ruben, you want to jump on and come on in promoting. There he goes. I'm Darius. I'm the co founder over here at Dub, and I am super excited about today's webinar. The way that sales working sales is working, is transforming as we speak. Email is harder to deliver. Social media is getting, um, busy, let's say. And texting has by far the highest open rates of any other form of messaging. And so this ability to communicate more personally, more directly with people is an untapped channel for most people. So we're going to be able to provide some very useful, beneficial, direct training you guys are going to be able to take advantage of immediately. Thank you. And like I said, we've packed a bunch into this. I'm Justin Zimmerman officially Director of Partnerships. My job every single day is to look at what our customers are doing with texting and all the types of businesses that are out there and to find the other apps that they're using, along with Salesmsg, to get more of what they're trying to get done done. And so rhyming with Dubb done is dub. And when I did my work, did my job, I looked at how different sales professionals and organizations when I asked what other apps are essential to their business, they mentioned Dub. And I got into the world of their business. And we have put together that combination for you guys today to learn how to use both video and texting across six different campaigns. And so we've got about 60, maybe 70 minutes worth of content today. And so I know that we're going to give you so much that you may want to look forward into your calendar and be prepared to get everything you can out of today. And so we've got that poll going. And so right now, I'd like to know if you haven't already done so, finish up what your answers are, because we're going to move on real quick to get into things right now. This is really important for us to understand because your tech stack, the tools that you use, and how they plug together all the stuff we talk about conceptually is going to be fantastic. But if you have apps that don't work together or we don't know how to…
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