February, 2023 - Product Update

Away Status, Conversation Assignment, Undo Sent Messages, Message Forwarding, Clean up Contacts & More!


Salesmsg has introduced several new features in their latest Product Update video. The Away Status feature allows users to manage their availability and skip being assigned new conversations with Round RobinAssignment. The Conversation Assignment feature now offers improved flexibility, allowing users to assign conversations manually, to a specific team member, or evenly with Round Robin assignment. The Undo Message feature gives users five seconds to recall any outbound text, while the Forward feature enables users to forward text messages to one or more contacts. Finally, the Contact Cleanup feature helps users keep their contact lists clean and up to date by merging duplicate contacts and linking unlinked CRM contacts.

Hello everyone. I am back in another monthly Product Update video where I walk you through the latest and greatest from Salesmsg. A lot of features to present to you today, so let's take a look. Manage your availability like a pro with the newly added Away Status feature. Whether you're taking the day off or just stepping away for a couple of hours, you can now let your team members know that you're away when you enable the Away status has. As a bonus, you will be skipped from being assigned to new conversations with Roundrobin Assignment. Assigning conversations is now a lot more flexible with the improved Conversation Assignment feature, you can assign conversations manually or to a specific team member by default. Or you can spread out conversations evenly with Roundrobin assignment. As a new feature, you can now also assign conversations based on a CRM property, such as CRM Contact Owner. Have you ever sent a message to the wrong contact or made a typo in your message? Well, say hello to undo message. If you enable this feature, you now have 5 seconds to recall any outbound text. You can also send it instantly if you're okay with it, just giving you the extra added peace of mind. Say goodbye to copying and pasting text messages that you want to share. Now with the Forward feature, you can forward text messages to one or more contacts. As a bonus, you can pick which number you want to forward the message from. Last but not least, to help you keep your contact lists clean and up to date, we added a Contact Cleanup feature, which you can use to quickly merge, duplicate contact and link any unlinked CRM contacts. That sums it up for this month's Product Update. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next week.
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