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Salesmsg has introduced Smart Inboxes, which are designed to personalize communication with customers, improve message speed and deliverability, and offer better control over inbox management. Smart Inboxes allow users to add multiple numbers and use Sticky Sender, Local Message, and Scalar to optimize message delivery. In addition, Salesmsg has updated its Inbox management to provide greater flexibility and control, and introduced Grouped Inboxes for better organization. Users can contact the Salesmsg team for any questions or support.

Hello, Salesmsg nation. In this video, I would like to walk you through one of the coolest features for 2022 and that feature is Smart Inboxes. Smart Inboxes are a step change over regular Inboxes that are used to whether in Salesmsg or in any other messaging service. They've been designed from the ground up to give you the ability to personalize your communication with your customers, improve, prove the speed and deliverability of your messages, and gain total control over the way you manage your inboxes. Seeds and Numbers and Salesmsg one of the key differences of Smart Inboxes is that you're able to add multiple numbers to Smart Inbox. So how do you create a Smart Inbox? Well, it's really simple. You just add numbers to any existing Inbox you have and you could just simply do that from the Inbox settings with a few clicks. Um, now, with multiple numbers in, a Smart Inbox, the question comes down to which number will be used to send messages to your customers. And that brings me to the first two innovative features of Smart Inboxes, namely Sticky Sender and Local Message. With Sticky Sender, the number that is used to send the first message to your customer will always be used for subsequent communication. That way you have the peace of mind that the communication flow will not be broken. Local Message, on the other hand, uses area code matching to use local numbers that match the area code of your customers number if it exists in the Smart Inbox. That way, your customers get the feel of a local business and you are able to build better trust with them beyond personalizing your outreach with Local Message and Sticky Sender. The third innovative feature of Smart Inboxes is scalar. Scalar allows you to distribute the load of a campaign on all the numbers that exist in that Smart Inbox. So let's say, for example, you're sending a workflow from your CRM to a large list of recipients or even sending a broadcast from Salesmsg. If you select a Smart Inbox for that broadcast, the load will be distributed on all the numbers that are in that Smart Inbox, giving you better deliverability and help you achieve better results. Along with all these innovative features for Smart Inboxes, we added a major update to all Inboxes in Salesmsg that separates the management of Inboxes from seats, giving you total flexibility and control on how you manage your Inboxes and Salesmsg users. Now, if you need to swap members between Inboxes or drop members from Salesmsg, you no longer have to worry about the Inboxes they have. You can simply assign all their contacts, conversations or broadcast to another member on your team. You can also keep their seat to assign it to somebody else you want to add to your team. And when you do so, you don't no longer need to create new inboxes for new members. You can simply invite them and assign them to inboxes that you already have. Last but not least, to help you stay organized, if you have a long list of inboxes, we added a cool new feature we're calling Grouped Inboxes. What this feature allows you to do is to group inboxes that have similar usage or similar nature for your business together, so that you can view all the messages across these inboxes. So let's say, for example, you have three inboxes for three different regions for sales. Now you can group them all together into one unified sales inbox. And when you click on the inbox, you'll be able to see all the messages that are part of this individual sales inboxes. That rounds it up for Smart inbox boxes. If you have any questions about Smart Inboxes or any other Salesmsg features, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to help you. Thanks for watching.
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