December, 2022 - Product Update

Record & Send Audio Files, Reply to Texts From Email, Navigate Inboxes With Ease, PhoneCheckr Properties in HubSpot & More!


The text is a product update announcement video that presents new features of Salesmsg platform. The update includes the ability to send audio messages, reply to incoming text messages from email, an inbox search feature, and the ability to receive video messages from customers. These features aim to help personalize messaging and build instant connections with customers. The video ends with a holiday greeting and a promise to see the viewers in the new year.

Hi everyone. 2022 is almost behind us, but we have one more product update to share with you before the year ends. And guess what? We did save the best for last. I have so many innovative features that I want to share with you, so let's jump right in, personalize your messages, and build an instant connection with your customers. With the ability to send audio messages, we now can record, forward and send audio segments to your customers right from the Salesmsg ui. The best part? All these audio messages are saved for you to use in future conversations with email to sms. You now have the ability to reply to your incoming text messages from your email inbox. Start by mapping your Salesmsg inboxes to email addresses you want to reply from. You can map all your inboxes to a single email address, or map each individual inbox to a separate email address. Once you've done that, you will start receiving your text messages as emails into your email client with all the information that you need, including the message, the name, the number of the sender. You can simply reply to that text message as you would reply to any email and your email will be sent as a text message to your customer. For those of you with many Salesmsg inboxes, we added an uh Inbox search feature to help you quickly identify the inbox you're looking for. You can even go a step further by starring the inboxes that you use frequently, and they will always be at ah, the top of your list as your favorite inboxes. Last but not least, you can now receive video messages from your customers to give them more ways to communicate with you. Incoming video messages will be beautifully rendered in the ui for you to view. That's it for this monthly product update and for this year. Thanks again for watching. Happy holidays and I'll see you in the new year.
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