Keep those texts flowing with a convenient solution that makes replying fast and easy! Map Salesmsg inboxes to your email and HubSpot inbox and get notified about your text messages without leaving the comfort of your favorite tools.


Salesmsg has introduced a new feature called Email to SMS that allows users to reply to their incoming messages via their own email address. Users can set up Email to SMS by mapping their Salesmsg inboxes to email addresses in the organization settings. Multiple inboxes can be mapped to the same email address or an email per inbox. Users can send a test message to confirm that the feature is set up correctly. If a user is a HubSpot user, they can use the feature in their HubSpot inbox as well. All they need to do is copy the email address from their HubSpot inbox settings and map it to the desired inbox in their Salesmsg organization settings. With Email to SMS, users can reply to incoming messages without leaving their email, providing added flexibility.

Hi everyone. If you use the Salesmsg application, you probably already know that you can reply to your incoming messages through multiple ways. That's either through the web application, the Chrome extension, or the mobile app. Today I want to walk you through a yet new way for you to reply to your incoming messages and that's your own email address. To do that, you will take advantage of a new feature that we just released called Email to SMS. To set up Email to SMS, just simply navigate to the organization settings and then you'll see a new tab called Email to SMS. So from here, all you need to do is just start mapping your Salesmsg inboxes to email addresses. You can map multiple inboxes to the same email address or do an email per inbox. So I am going to go here and select a Salesmsg inbox here and then map it to um, a demo Gmail account that I've just created here for purposes of this demo. So I'm going to go ahead and do that and that's it. Now this inbox is already mapped to that email address. So what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to send a test message from my phone to this inbox with the word demo. So here it is. I just got the SMS, but what also happened is just, I got an email with the phone number that I texted from and the message itself. So I have all the information here, the name of the inbox that the message was sent to the message itself. So what I can do here, I can go ahead and just reply. This is very cool. So I'm going to send a reply here from my email. This is great. If you spend a lot of time in your email and you want to have that added flexibility of just replying to the incoming message without leaving your email there we go. Demo. This is very cool. Now if you're a HubSpot user there's an added benefit for you and that you now have the ability to use this feature in your, um, HubSpot inbox. And that again is very easy to set up. So what you would do is you will go to your inbox settings in HubSpot and then copy this email address that you have here, right? So all you need to do is just copy that email address and then in your Salesmsg settings, organization settings, email to SMS, map it to the inbox you want to map it to, and that's it. It's as simple as that. I'm going to go ahead here and send a new message HubSpot. So I just received this text from myself, from my phone and then this is HubSpot and I should also, if I go back to the HubSpot inbox, I should see a new email, right? HubSpot, I can reply here or go back to Salesmsg and I have all the information I need to action that incoming message. I hope this is helpful for you and let us know how we can improve this feature for you even more. Thanks for watching.
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