New Salesmsg Pricing

The new Salesmsg Pricing is flexible by design to fit your needs.


Salesmsg has introduced a new pricing structure to provide customers with more flexible options. The new plan allows businesses to customize their plans based on the number of credits they require on a monthly basis. The plans include an annual plan that offers a saving of two months and a pay-as-you-go plan for businesses that need texting on a sporadic basis. The company is encouraging customers to start a free trial and enjoy the benefits of Salesmsg.

Hi everyone. For the longest time, Salesmsg had two pricing plans and many of you asked for more flexible options. Well, those flexible options are finally here with the new Salesmsg pricing structure. You can tailor the plan that suits your business and role starts with how many credits you you believe you're going to need. So estimate the number of credits you're going to be using on a monthly basis and then you will be able to choose a plan that will work for you. Go for annual and save two months. And if you are a type of business that have seasonal need for texting or you're just unsure for how often you're going to need business texting, you can go for a pay as you go plan. It's light plan with fewer features that is perfect for businesses that need texting on a sporadic basis. So go ahead and start your free trial. Enjoy Salesmsg and we believe you're going to love it. Thank you.
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