April, 2021 - Product updates

Shared Inbox Typing Indicators, Filter Failed Messages, View Tagged Contacts, and more!


Mallory, a product manager at Salesmsg, reviews the latest updates that were released to improve the Salesmsg platform. One of the new features allows users to filter conversations by failed outgoing messages, making it easier to manage large broadcasts. Another feature allows teammates to see when another teammate is responding to a message in a shared inbox. Users can now jump from the tag list page to a segmented contact list page. The Salesmsg Chrome extension provides the ability to send and receive messages and manage shared inbox from any web page. The extension also includes a new number highlighting feature that enables users to start texting immediately by clicking on a blue Salesmsg icon next to telephone numbers.

Hey, folks, mallory here. I'm a product manager at Salesmsg, and it's time to review the last month of cool new updates we released to make you sell faster, support better, and create experiences your customers and your team will love. So if your job has anything to do with selling, marketing, customer support, or managing a team, lean in and listen close. This is for you. And if you're watching this on YouTube, peep the description below for helpful links and a link to a free trial. Let's get started. This feature lets you filter conversations by failed outgoing messages, so if you routinely send broadcasts, this feature is especially helpful to keep your inbox clean. Here's how it works after a big broadcast, instead of trying to manage failed conversations one by one in the same view of your fresh, new live conversations, you can now use the filter option to show you only failed messages. And once you're there, you can use the Close All button to quickly close out those messages. Having a dedicated shared inbox for your Sales team, marketing team, or support team is a great way to manage specific conversation topics all in the same place. However, when you have multiple teammates in the same inbox, more than one of them could respond to a single contact all at the same time. With this new feature, you'll be able to see when another their teammate is responding back to a message. How many of you all use tags inside a Salesmsg to either send broadcasts or organize your contact list? Well, listen up. In your settings, you can find a complete list of all of your tags, and you can see how many contacts are under each tag. Well, this has always been here, but what hasn't is the ability to now jump from this page to a Segmented by tag contact list page. So now you can click a tag name and jump into that list to see all of the people who have that tag. Want to see all the contacts tagged as Lead? Easy? Want to see all the contacts tagged as Webinar Attendee? Simple. You get the idea when you download the Salesmsg Chrome extension. You get the ability to send and receive messages and manage all of your shared inbox from any web page. The extension prevents you from flipping back and forth to Salesmsg to read or reply. This feature has been out for a long time, but what's new and possibly life changing is our new number highlighting. With the Chrome extension installed, this new feature looks at the web page you're currently on, finds telephone numbers, and puts a little Blue Salesmsg icon next to them. If you click the icon, Salesmsg will bring you into our application so you can immediately start texting the numbers. We believe the easier and faster it is to start a conversation, the more people you can serve and the more business you'll generate. Well, that wraps up this month's product update from Salesmsg. If you're watching this on YouTube, check out the description below for links to learn more about anything mentioned here, as well as a link to a free trial if you're not yet a customer, and if you haven't like and subscribe if you've gotten value out of anything shared here today. On behalf of everyone working at Salesmsg behind the scenes, I want to send a big thank you to all of our customers who speak up and share their ideas on how to make Salesmsg better. So much of what we build comes from you, so if you have any new ideas or suggestions, go to feedback Salesmsg.com and share them with us. So until next time, let's keep going and growing together.
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