November, 2022 - Product Update

10DLC Compliance, Longer Voicemail Recording, New Activity Filters, HubSpot Improvements & More!


In this Salesmsg product update, the company introduces several new features and improvements. Firstly, they have added the low volume standard package to comply with recent updates to the A2P 10DLC rules and guidelines. They have also streamlined the registration process and added new filters to help better segment customers. Additionally, Salesmsg has expanded the length of voicemail greetings to three minutes, added the ability to set a default inbox for HubSpot users, and created an automated migration tool for ZipWhip users looking to switch platforms.

Hello, salesmessage nation. It's that time of the month where we walk you through all the great features and improvements we've built for you last month. There's a lot to get through, so let's jump right in. First on the List in response to recent updates to the app Ten dlc rules and guidelines, we added the low volume standard package as an option in the application. We also streamlined the entire registration process to make it as simple as a few steps. Start by completing your business profile. This includes all the key information carriers needs to ensure that customers can trust your business. Next, you can select the Ten dlc package that fits your needs between the low volume standard and the standard package. If you intend to send more than 2000 messages per day, we highly encourage you to go for the standard package. lastly, you will need to pick the type of campaign that describes your use case for sms and then add a couple of sample messages as required by the carriers. Switching gears to Salesmsg Calling a lot of our customers asked for the ability to record a longer voicemail greeting. Well, now you have the ability to adjust that. We increased the limit from 10 seconds all the way to three minutes. That way you can record the message that will give your customers all the information they need to know. Next, we expanded the list of filters available for you to help you better segment your customers, including date and time filters to help you identify customers based on the recency of your interactions with them, we also added in optin filters such as Optin Source and Optin Status. That way, you only engage customers who opted in to receive text messages from you. For our hubspot users, you now have the ability to set a default inbox in the hubspot integration settings in the Salesmsg app. What this allows you to do is to ensure that your hubspot workflows, whereby the message goes out from the inbox of the contact owner always has a fallback option. For all the Zipwip users out there looking for replacement, we built an automated migration tool right into the Salesmsg app to make this switch very easy for you, start by adding a Zipwip number from the Salesmsg Numbers tab and then from there login into your Zipwip account. You can follow the step by step process that will walk you through the end to end migration and by the end you will be able to transfer your composite contacts, templates users and much more. That sums it up for this product update. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next month.
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