March, 2023 - Product Update

Salesmsg Webhooks, Messages in HubSpot, Enhanced Chat Widget, Recurring Broadcasts Stats, Custom Date Search & More!


This video is a monthly product update for Salesmsg. The presenter introduces various new features and improvements. They start by discussing the integration of webhooks, which allows users to trigger automations in other applications based on Salesmsg events or keep data synced across multiple applications. They then discuss a new feature for HubSpot users, where all inbound and outbound messages will be updated in real-time to HubSpot properties, allowing for customized workflows. They also talk about the addition of phone number and email capture in the Salesmsg chat widget, expanded recurring broadcast reporting, and an improved conversation search function that allows users to search with a custom date range.

hi everyone another month and another monthly product update I have a very exciting list of features and improvements to walk you through today so let's take a look [Music] first on the list another way to integrate into sales message and that is webhooks my books are a great way if you want to trigger automations in other applications based on sales message events or if you want to keep your data synced on multiple applications the best part web hooks are easy to set up all you need is a name for your webhook and the URL of the destination system from there you can pick one or more events that you want to be notified from from an exhaustive list of sales message events next on the list is a big one for our HubSpot users and that is the last inbound message received and outbound the message sent HubSpot contact properties now for every contact that is linked to HubSpot all the inbound and outbound messages will be updated in real time to these two HubSpot properties this opens up an opportunity for you to customize your your HubSpot workflows based on the responses you get from your users [Music] the sales message Chat widget which is a great way to generate leads just get an update now you have the ability to capture both the phone number and the email of the visitors of your website Who contact you through the website chat widget just giving you more quality leads that you can action right away you go we rolled out a recurring broadcasts last month we expanded the feature with reporting reports are aggregated for all the instances of our current broadcast and include all the standard metrics you are used to last but not least conversation search is now even better with the ability to search with a custom date range now it doesn't matter when the conversation happened you can set a start and end date for your search and you will be able to find it in no time that's it for this month's product update let us know what other features you want us to add into the platform by leaving us a comment on thanks again for watching and I'll see you next month thank you
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