September, 2021 - Product updates

Search for & invite CRM Contacts, extend access to your Personal Inbox, request Salesmsg access in HubSpot, keep track of calling activity, and more!


Salesmsg has released several new features and improvements in their monthly update. Users can now search their CRM contacts when inviting a member to Salesmsg, collaborate with other team members in their personal inbox, and have team members request access to Salesmsg from within HubSpot. The Salesmsg mobile app has also received a major design upgrade. Additionally, the analytics dashboard now includes calling metrics to monitor outbound, inbound, and call forwarding activity.

Hello? Salesmsg nation. The summer is almost over, but the fund does not have to stop. We are back with another video and another product monthly update. We have a whole bunch of features and improvements that we think you're going to like. And as we always say, if your drop has anything to do with Sales marketing, customer support, this one is for you. First improvement we rolled out this month is giving you the ability to search your crm contacts when you want to invite a member to Salesmsg. Prior to this update, you had to know the full email address of the member you wanted to invite. Now you can just simply start searching their first name. If there is a record for them in any of the connected crms UM that you have to your Salesmsg account, their email will just come up. Next up on the list of improvements for this month are the extensions we added to Personal Inboxes. Prior to this update, you had to use shared inboxes to collaborate with other members on incoming taxes. But say you are going on a vacation and you need coverage or you have just way too many accounts to handle in your personal inbox right now, you have the ability to add other team members to collaborate with you in your own personal inbox. You can also choose a default assignee other than yourself to handle incoming messages. The next one is for our hubspot UM users. If you have a large team or a team that is continuously changing and not everyone has Salesmsg yet, now your team members can simply request access to Salesmsg right from within hubspot as an admin. When you go back to Salesmsg, you will see all the requests that came through. You will have the option to either approve or revoke. You will also get an email reminder that somebody on your team requested access. Once you approve or revoke, the team member will also get a confirmation email. On the mobile side, the Salesmsg app got a major design upgrade. We redesigned the navigation to make it as simple and as delightful as possible. You can now quickly switch between conversations, broadcasts, contacts right from the menu on the left hand side. Under Conversations, you can quickly toggle between different inboxes using the dropdown that is visible at the top. Last month we rolled out outbound Calling and we are so happy by the positive feedback we got from many of you. As a quick follow up, we are extending the analytics dashboard to include calling metrics. Say you have targets that you want to hit on a daily basis or you want to control usage. Now you can keep an eye on your calling activity through the analytics dashboard, including outbound inbound and call forwarding. This concludes the update for this month. I hope you really enjoyed the video. If you want to be informed about upcoming features and announcements, please subscribe. And if you have any ideas for new improvements features, please head out to feedback our entire product team gets notified every time there is a comment from one of our users and we do read every single comment. That's it for today. Have a nice day and we'll see you soon.
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