Integrate, Search, and Text Your CRM Contacts

Learn about Salesmsg's new feature that makes it easy for your to instantly start texting your CRM contacts.


Salesmsg has introduced a new integration feature that enables users to search and text their CRM contacts without having to import them. By integrating with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Active Campaign, or other platforms, users can easily search for contacts by name, email, or phone number, and start texting them right away. The integration also ensures that contact data stays up-to-date with automatic syncing. The feature works on any Salesmsg app, including the mobile app and Chrome extension.

So you're here because you love importing contacts from Csv files? Said no one ever I get it. Having to import contacts from your CRM can be a pain in the you know what. So when said to me, I just want to search and text my CRM contacts, I knew we had to make it easier for customers to search and text their CRM, um, contacts without ever having to import their CRM contacts. And we got to work. Now, after integrating your CRM with Salesmsg, you'll never have to import your contacts ever again. Plus, we'll link them to your CRM so you get all the sweet integration features that make Salesmsg as sweet as pie. Let me show you how it works. Step one integrate your CRM with Salesmsg. Just connect to your HubSpot, pipedrive, active campaign, or another platform a Salesmsg. And like magic, the superpowers are turned on. Step two search for the contact you want to text. You can search by name, email, or phone number to see all of your existing CRM contacts that have a phone number. And just like that, all of your contacts are available for you to start texting. Step three send a text. Type up a quick text, personalize it with a merge field from your CRM, send a pick, or select a can message in a click. But we didn't stop there. By default, when a contact is updated on your CRM, Salesmsg will automatically sync your contacts information on Salesmsg, keeping your contact data matching and up to date. If it looks easy, it's because it is, and it's automated. And yes, this works on any Salesmsg app chrome, Web, even the mobile app. All you have to do is you guessed it search and text your contacts. So go ahead and give it a go. Integrate search and well, you know what to do.
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