October, 2022 - Product Update

Slack Integration, Broadcasts Improvements, Call Whisper & More!


The text describes a jampacked monthly product update from Salesmsg, featuring integrations with Slack, improvements to broadcasts, and the addition of Call Whisper. Salesmsg also added a feature to help users revisit and reopen closed conversations and made the Contacts page more flexible by allowing users to add custom fields as a column in the table view. The text concludes by thanking viewers for their feedback and promising more updates in the future.

Hi everyone. We are back with another jampacked monthly product update with features from integrations, broadcasts and Calling. So let's take a look. First on the list is one of the biggest additions for the year, and that is the slack integration. Start by integrating Salesmsg to slack and then mapping your inboxes to slack channels. You can map all your in inboxes to one channel, or you can have a channel for every inbox. From there, you can simply start an outgoing text message right from slack with the Salesmsgs command. All incoming text messages will also be displayed in the same slack channel. And the best part, you can reply to those conversations right in the thread. If you have too many conversations open at the same time, you can tackle them like a pro with features such as the ability to add notes, tag contacts and reassign conversations all from within flat. Last month, we added two great improvements to Broadcasts to make them more flexible. First, you're no longer tied to one segment when you specify the recipients of the broadcast. You can add multiple segments and even individual contacts. For hubspot users, you now can use hubspot merge fields in the message of the broadcast. This effectively turns your mass text message into individual personalized text messages. For users who rely on the Salesmsg call forwarding feature, we added another improvement that we are calling Call whisper. With Call whisper, you can add a short voice message that will be played prior to the call being picked up and that allows you to help the team member who is going to receive that forwarded call to handle the call effectively. You can even add merge fields to make that message extra clear. If you need to revisit all conversations that you closed previously, well now we added a small feature to help you do that. In one click, just navigate to the closed view and reopen any conversation that you need to view and pick up exactly where you left off. Last but not least, we added an improvement to the Contacts page and Salesmsg to make it more flexible for you. You can now add any of your custom fields as a column in the table view. Just search for the field you want to display, hit the checkbox and it will will be displayed there for you. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for all the feedback that keeps us busy. Keep it coming and I'll see you next month.
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