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Salesmsg has added Two-Factor Authentication to their platform to ensure the security and compliance of their users' data. Two-Factor Authentication is a second layer of security for login, which can be set up for the entire team or at the personal level. Users can enable or disable it from the security tab in their organization settings, and multiple methods such as SMS, email and Authenticator app are available to set it up. The platform has also introduced a new column in the members table to show who has enabled Two-Factor Authentication, allowing users to easily ensure that the entire team is in compliance. Salesmsg aims to improve their Two-Factor Authentication feature and invites users to share their feedback.

At Salesmsg security and compliance are among our top priorities. So to help you secure your Salesmsg account and control your customers data, we recently added two Factor authentication. Two Factor Authentication is a second layer of security for login to help you protect your Salesmsg account. So in this video, I'm going to walk you through how you can set it up for yourself and for your team. So if you navigate to organizations settings in the app, you will see a new tab for security. Here you can enable or disable two factor authentication for your entire team. If this option is enabled, every single member of your team on the next login will have to select the method for two factor authentication and use it every time they log in into the account. So there's another way you can set this up, and that is at the personal level, you can give the option to your team members to set it up for themselves without that being a requirement for the entire team. And we have multiple methods to give you more flexibility, including SMS, email and the Authenticator app. Enabling any one of those methods is really simple. You just click on this switch and then you'll be able to set it up. So for example, for the authenticator app, all you need to do is scan this QR code with the authenticator app of your choice. There is a help article here to walk you through the details of how to do that. Once you get the six digit verification code, you can pop that here and then you will be able to set up two factor authentication upon login. When you log in, you will be able also to enter whatever code you get from the app and you'll be allowed into the application. Lastly to help you get a better view on the status of two factor authentication across your team members, there is a new column here in the members table that shows you who has two Factor authentication enabled. That way you can easily ensure that the entire team is in compliance. So that's it for two factor authentication. Let us know how we can make it even better for you. And thanks for watching.
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