December, 2020 - Product updates

Woohoo! We're excited to launch our brand new CRM texting feature that makes it easy for you to instantly start texting your CRM contacts from Salesmsg. Custom trigger merge fields, feature requests, and much more.


Salesmsg has released several new features for its users, including the ability to text contacts from the contact page, email notifications for incoming messages in shared inboxes, and two-way syncing with CRM systems. Users can also now personalize text messages using dynamic merge fields and can request new features from within the Salesmsg app.

Hey, Salesmsg nation. We have an incredible lineup of product updates to share with you from over the last month. So if your job has anything to do with selling, marketing, customer support, or managing a team, lean in and listen close. These updates are for you. So to start off, I'm going to pass it to Mallory, our product manager, and she'll tell you about the first feature. Hey, everyone. For those of you who live inside the Salesmsg web app and use our Contact list feature to perform bulk actions like applying tags or sorting your contact lists, we have a new feature for you. Before, there was no easy way to find a contact and text them immediately from the contact page. Well, now there is. You just go in, find the contact, click the icon here and start texting. It's just like we say, conversations are good for business, and we just gave you another way to create more of them. Now let me pass it off to David, who can tell you a little bit more about our next update. Hey, everyone. As the support manager here at Salesmsg, I hear the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm excited to share with you some good news about staying on top of incoming messages to your shared inbox with email notifications. In the past, I would hear customers say I'm not getting notified when someone replied to my shared inbox. While I'm glad to say that we've solved this for you so you'll never miss a message again, you'll get instantly notified when someone replies to your shared inbox from the mobile app desktop and now by email. Thanks, Dave. We got two more exciting features coming up. The last one will be a game changer if you use a CRM like HubSpot, Fusionsoft, ActiveCampaign or Pipe Drive. But first, let's talk about a new update to custom triggers, and then I'll bring it home with our big reveal. Let's bring in Justin, our content director. Share this one with you. Hi, everybody. I'm Justin, and I'm excited to share this new feature with you because it's kind of a big deal if you're already using our custom triggers feature inside of Salesmsg to send outbound text. Salesmesh works best if you're using one of our native integrations. But what if we don't have one. And you're not using it? Well, that's where our custom triggers come in. With our new custom triggers feature, you can insert a dynamic merge field to personalize your text messages to send to your leads, your customers and your audiences. So if you're using tools outside of Salesmsg, like Entrepreneur or Drip or you've built your own platform, you can now insert any merge field into any text. So, Chris, why don't you take it from here and tell us about CRM texting? Thanks, Justin. And as promised, we save the best for last. All right, so here it is. For those of you that use HubSpot infusionsoft ActiveCampaign and Pipe Drive and hate exporting and importing contacts. Here's the good news you've been waiting for. We just released two way syncing, or as I like to call it, CRM M Texting, which completely eliminates the need to import contacts into Salesmsg or keep your contacts up to date. So once your CRM is integrated with Salesmsg, you can text any contact immediately from within Salesmsg. Plus, when you change a contact's name, phone, or email from your CRM, it's updated in Salesmsg automatically. All you have to do is integrate your CRM, search for the contact you want to text, and start texting. There is no importing needed. Well, that wraps up this month's product update from Salesmsg. If there's anything you want us to build, we just released a new way to request a feature right from within the Salesmsg app. Ah. So just click here and submit your feature request. You'll also see other requests from other members as well, so, myself, the whole team, we review these, so be sure to let us know what we can build and make Salesmsg better for you. So happy holidays to you and your family, and we'll see you in 2021. Take care.
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