Add SMS to Your Existing Landline

Send, receive, and manage text message conversations with your existing landline!


Salesmsg offers a solution for businesses who cannot receive or send texts from their landline, causing them to lose leads, revenue, and customer support opportunities. By text-enabling their landline through Salesmsg, businesses can keep their number and carrier and easily start texting with their customers. The process is short and can be completed quickly, allowing businesses to testify and improve their customer communication. Existing Salesmsg users can log in and start using the feature, while non-customers can sign up for a free trial to start texting using their landline immediately.

You've got a problem. You can't receive or send texts from your business landline. It's probably been happening for years. Think about it. Lost leads, lost revenue, lost customer support opportunities. I've got some good news. You can text enable your landline easily. Keep your number, you keep your carrier. How to do it is simple. Get on Salesmsg, complete a short process and boom. Your customers can text you. You can text your customers and it's super easy to enable. In a matter of moments, you can testify your business. If you're a Salesmsg user, just log in and get started. If you're not a customer, sign up for a free trial and start texting using your landline within moments.
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