September, 2022 - Product Update

HubSpot Native Calling, Messages in Dialpad Deal Record, Dialpad, Voicemail Ring Duration & More!


The text provides a monthly product update for Salesmsg users, highlighting new features and improvements. These include native calling for Hubspot, improved Pipedrive integration to see all messaging activities from the deal record, the ability to place phone calls without creating a contact, enhanced Send SMS action for Active Campaign automation, and the addition of ring duration control for Salesmsg voicemail. The text concludes by encouraging viewers to continue providing feedback and to subscribe to the channel for future updates.

Hello salesmen. We are back with a jampacked monthly product update with features for integration, texting and calling and much more. So let's jump right in. As many of you already know, we are committed to building one of the best texting and calling extensions for hubspot. Last month, we introduced native calling for hubspot, um, which means you can use a Salesmsg calling right from within hubspot. Now, in the timeline record, you will see all your calling activity to be able to set an outcome for a call, listen to recordings for both voicemail or just actual call, and even add notes. So now you have all your calling activity in one place and you no longer need to switch between two apps. Next on the list is an improvement for our pipe drive integration. So now, right from the deal record, you can see all your Salesmsg messaging activities, including inbound and outbound messages. Get all the context you need for all the communication you had with your customer right in the deal records. To help you close that deal, many of our customers asked for the ability to place phone calls from the Salesmsg app without needing to create a contact. Well, now you can do just that. Now you have the dialpad option to help you make calls immediately right from the messaging interface without having to create contact. You can simply search for existing contacts or just use the dialpad to type a number and call. You can also select from the drop down the Salesmsg number you want the call to place next on the list. Yet another integration improvement. And this one is for Active Campaign. So the send sms action for Active Campaign automation is now more effective. You can now specify exactly which active Campaign property you want to use for the phone number. And also all your Salesmsg inbox names will be visible for you right from the action. That way you select exactly the number you wanted to use for the automation. Last but not least, we added an improvement to the Salesmsg voicemail feature to give you even more control. You can now set a ring duration from just a few seconds to a few minutes to exactly what suits your needs. That wraps up the update for this month. Make sure to keep those requests coming. And to ensure that you never miss an update, subscribe to the channel and hit that bell icon. Thank you for listening and I'll see you next month.
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