December, 2021 - Product updates

Smarter Broadcasts, Bulk Invite CRM Users, Contact Notes, Segment Your Contacts Like a Pro and more...


In this video, the speaker presents the last product update for the year in Salesmsg and highlights the latest features and improvements. Smart broadcasts have two new improvements: the ability to export broadcast contacts based on success and failure results, and broadcasting based on dynamic lists. Users can also invite team members who are not yet on Salesmsg with one click. Contact Notes have been added to help users stay up to date with customer details, while Bulk Actions for Conversations enables users to select multiple conversations and take bulk actions on them. More attributes have been added to filter and segment contacts, such as Recent Activity and opt-in status. The speaker concludes by inviting viewers to leave comments below to let Salesmsg know what they want to see in 2022.

Hello? Salesmsg. 2021 is almost over. We're down to the very last stretch today. We're bringing you the last product update for the year, and we've got a list of great features and improvements that we think you're gonna love. So let's jump right in. First on the list, we added two great improvements to make smart broadcasts even smarter. On the one hand, you now have the ability need to export the broadcast contacts based on the success and failure results to do any deeper analysis. In addition, broadcasts now are based on a dynamic list as opposed to a static list. Meaning that if you schedule a broadcast based on a segment that you created in the past and the segment changes before you send the broadcast out, you have the peace of mind now that the broadcast is going to the latest and greatest list. If you have many colleagues you collaborate with on your CRM who are not yet on Salesmsg with this month's improvements, you have the ability to invite them all with one click. Simply navigate to the CRM you connected to Salesmsg in Integrations and select all or a subset of the team members you want to invite Salesmsg and simply invite them with one click. With so many contacts and even more conversations, it can get hard to keep up to date with all the specific details about each one of your customers. This month, we added Contact Notes to help you stay up to date and continue to utilize Salesmsg to personalize the way you engage each and every one of your customers. Also on the list for this month, we introduced Bulk Actions for Conversations. You can now select multiple conversations and take bulk actions on them, such as marking them as red or unread, closing them, and more. Last but not least, we added more attributes to give you even more ways to filter and segment your contacts, such as Recent Activity, and even opt in status of those contacts. That's it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this video. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you want to see added to Salesmsg in 2022. I wish you all a happy holiday season and I'll see you soon.
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