July, 2022 - Product Updates

Member Tagging, Keywords Improvements, ActiveCampaign Automations, Accessible Media Assets, Google Integration & More!


The text provides a monthly product update for Salesmsg users, highlighting new features and improvements. These include member tagging for internal team communication, improvements to the Keywords feature, accessibility of media assets across the application, and a new Send SMS advanced feature for Active Campaign users. Additionally, Salesmsg now integrates directly into Google Business Suite. The text concludes by encouraging viewers to provide feedback for future updates and to subscribe for the latest information.

Hello, sales master Nation. Welcome back to another monthly product update where we go over the features and improvements we built last month for you to help you get even more out of Salesmsg. The core purpose of Salesmsg is to help you build a strong connection with your customers through meaningful conversations. By the same token, to help you stay connected and to internally within your team, we are introducing member tagging. So now every time you create a conversation note by typing the add sign, you have the ability to tag one or more members of that inbox into that conversation. You can even tag everybody in that inbox if you wish to do so. Once you tag members, they will get an email notification with the tag and they also can view all their mentions with the all new mentions view in the conversation. A few weeks ago we rolled out Keywords and it was an instant hit. And as a quick follow up last month we introduced two more improvements to the Keywords feature to make it even better. You now have the ability to see exactly which number you are selecting by showing the inbox name for that keyword. To ensure that you're using the correct number for each keyword, we also added a new feature to flag stop words that are already used by the carriers. That way your keyword will not introduce any unexpected behavior. Your media assets are now finally accessible everywhere in the application where you create messages. Whether it be a new trigger, new broadcast, new keyword, or even a new saved reply. Just like the way it is for the main chat interface, the media library is now accessible across the board. Next on the list is a new feature for our Active Campaign users who rely on Active Campaign automations. Now you have access to a new Salesmsg action called Send SMS advanced. And what this action allows you to do is to dynamically assign the send from number uh when you run that automation. So let's say you have contacts in different regions and you want the communication to go out from a different number based on the region of the contact. Now with this feature you can do just that. Ah, it's very easy to set up. You will rely on the Salesmsg inbox ID which is there for you for every inbox and Salesmsg in combination with a custom field in Active Campaign. That custom field is then used as the Sent from property using Tokens in Active Campaign. Last but not least for our users who use Google Business suite, you now can integrate directly into Google and that way you can ah, significantly simplify the process of introducing Salesmsg to your team. That's it for this month, thanks for watching. If there is a feature you want to be featured in any of those videos down the road, by all means let us know at Feedback Salesmenster.com and we will make it happen. And as always, make sure that you subscribe and hit that bell icon. That way, whenever we push new updates, you are always up to date with the latest and greatest. Thanks for watching and I will see you next time.
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