Smart Broadcasting

Smarter filtering. Advanced scheduling. Drip messaging. Higher deliverability.


Salesmsg has introduced a new and improved smart broadcasting feature that simplifies the process of sending broadcasts to customers. The new feature allows users to name their broadcast and select recipients based on filters such as names, emails, phone numbers, created and updated dates, and tags. With smart advanced scheduling, remaining messages are sent on different days to remain compliant with daily carrier limits. Real-time analytics provides information on the success of the broadcast. Customers are encouraged to share their feedback with Salesmsg.

Hello to everyone in the Salesmsg kingdom. I like that one. I'm going to keep using that one. It sounds very regal. I'm Mallory, I'm a product manager here. At Salesmsg, and I'm here to tell. You about our brand new and improved smart broadcasting. So many of you sat on zoom calls with me, and you shared your direct feedback about our existing broadcasting feature, and we listened. Together. We turned broadcasting from a zero into a hero. And I am so excited to get you all sending more messages to let you see how easy it is to use. And most importantly, I'm excited for you to not lose any more sleep at night because you're worried about your messages being delivered. If you used our old broadcast before, bless your patient soul, maybe this was you. Maybe you went in to send a. Broadcast about an upcoming cooking class you were putting on. You were all ready. But when you got to the broadcast page, you learned you needed to add a tag to the contacts that you. Wanted to send a broadcast to. So you go to your Contacts page to add a tag to the contacts that you want to send a broadcast to. But you realize you have to create. A tag so you can tag the contacts that you want to send the broadcast to. So then you've go create a tag. So you can tag the contacts you want to send the broadcast to. Are you even listening anymore? Because I got tired and confused even explaining that now. With smart broadcasting, sending a broadcast is so simple, I assure you, to get started, you just need to go to your broadcast page and name your broadcast. Then it's time to identify your recipients, select your filter, and choose whether you want to send to an existing saved segment or choose a brand new filter. Here, you can filter by names, emails, phone numbers created and updated dates, and, of course, tag. Once you've selected your recipients, you can easily click in to see which contacts meet that criteria, so you can be 100% sure that you're sending to the right recipients. Then, with our smart Advanced Scheduling, you no longer have to worry if too many of your contacts meet your criteria. If you're past the daily carrier limit, advanced Scheduling will automatically make sure your remaining messages go out on different days so you remain compliant and you don't get filtered. You have flexibility here so you can choose what time the messages should go out and on what days. And we'll keep you in the loop by letting you know when your broadcast will be complete. And finally, after your broadcast is sent, check out Real Time Analytics, see who all received your message, which numbers failed, who replied, and who opted out so you can see what's working and what may not be. We're always making things easier, faster, simpler, and better so you can improve your business. Don't forget to like and subscribe so you don't miss out on any cool features that we release. And as always, share your feedback with us at feedback Chat with you soon.
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