September 2022 Product Show & Tell

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This text is a transcript of a monthly webinar presented by Tawheed and Ben Francis from Salesmsg. The webinar provides an interactive way to discuss the features released in the previous month. The main topics covered in this webinar are improvements to calling and member tagging, among others. Salesmsg aims to offer an all-in-one solution for managing calling touchpoints and SMS touchpoints directly with customers. Member tagging allows users to post internal notes on the conversation timeline and tag specific people. The webinar is recorded, and users are encouraged to ask questions during and after the session.

Alright. Yeah. So as people start to trickle in here we'll get started in just a minute. Give everybody one or two more minutes to join the top of the hour around there. We'll kick it off and we'll have our monthly webinar. I have everything also loaded up on my site then, but we can go back and forth as you need. Cool? Alright, so I'm going to go ahead and share my screen and then um, yeah, so we can get started with the intro and everything and then as people join, um, we'll go through the features. Alright? Uh hi everybody. Thanks again for making our monthly show and tell, the forum where we meet and discuss very casually the features that we released in the previous month. We tend to release quite a bit, but we take this opportunity to make it more of a deep dive to go in a little bit more detail in more of an interactive way and then to give you room to ask more questions and contribute questions and thoughts for future webinar topics. So we got a pretty packed agenda today, but before I talk about the agenda, so it's myself here, Tauheed. I'm on the product team and Ben, I'll let you introduce myself. Yeah, thanks for joining everybody. If we haven't had a chance to meet yet, my name is Ben Francis. I head up the customer Success and Support team here at Salesmsg. Um, so any questions about how can we, how should we, how to best leverage SMS for any part of your customer lifecycle? I want to help be your thought partner in that process, so please feel free to reach out. Fantastic. Again, before we go to the agenda, a couple of housekeeping items. The session is recorded so don't worry about taking notes, just kick back and relax. Enjoy. Um, we're also monitoring the chat with Ben and myself, so feel free to ask a question there. But if you forget to ask a question that comes up after the webinar, by all means reach out to us. We're more than happy to chat. So in terms of agenda today, we got a pretty packed, um, list of things that we would love to show you and if we don't get through all of them we will send these slides in the notes after. So no worries there. So we're going to go through not yet another improvement to calling. We're just starting to become a very robust product Salesmsg, offering around the dialpad an effective way to communicate internally with member tagging, big addition for HubSpot with native calling and then a couple of more additions for active campaign and pipe drive. So without further ado, I will pass it over to you Ben, to walk us through the first improvement that we added last month. And that is the document. Yeah, absolutely. So, as Todd mentioned, we've been making a lot of investments this quarter, um, and really prioritizing calling functionality. We've been ahead of the curve on the SMS space for a while. We're going to continue to push forward in that direction, but a lot of our customers have been looking for more of an all in one type solution. If you don't have an Ivr type of platform right now, um, what is the best way that I can manage both my calling touch points as well as my SMS touch points directly with my customer? I don't want to be switching between apps, I don't want to be bouncing between tabs, anything like that. We've made that even easier than before historically. Um, you've to have to create a contact record and that contact would have to exist in order to be able to initiate an outbound call. Well, that isn't really natural. If I just want to pick up the phone and call someone that I already know their number, or if I want to drop it from an email, I don't want to have to go through the process of creating that contact. So we actually make that process a lot easier than it, than it was previously. We're just punching the number, hit call, and you're off to the races. Um, from here, Sales message will automatically create that contact record. So upon closing that call, if you want to follow up, post the notes, you want to add some details around that contact, you can totally do that as well. But now you don't need to wait to go through the process to create a record in order to just place an outbound call from your Salesmsg number. Again, all of these calls, you're going to select which specific number this call comes from to make sure that you maintain that brand presence on whichever branded number. Best suits your business. Yeah, fantastic. So one thing I just wanted to call out so, like you said, Ben if you come here and you just want to start punching in a number and making a call, you don't need to create a contact to do that. A couple of more things that are useful here in this Widget. So texting and calling are split now, but also you can say you are in the marketing inbox M and you want to place a call from the support inbox. You don't have to switch inboxes. You can select the number you want to call from right here. And then let's say you are connected to a CRM that does not have calling. Say, for example, Active Campaign or Pipe Drive and you want to call a contact that is in your CRM. You can just search it right here and then Salesmesh is going to search all the CRMs that you're connected to and then you can find the proper number and just place a call. Like Ben said, you can control the settings and everything if you choose automatic recording. The moment that call is done, your recording is here displayed in the time for sure. Let's show how it works. We'll transition to the next one as part of that demo as well. So I'll go ahead and share if you cool that I'll go and add. So in my demo environment here, um, if I go to initiate an outbound call, I can just hit this little phone icon right here and what I can do is I can either type in a contacts name, for example, and it's going to search all of my connected integrations for that contact. I can click this person and then boom call, I'm off to the races. Additionally, if I wanted to punch in a number, um, I could look to see if, does that contact exist? If yes, then it'll go, I can go and click it. Otherwise I can go ahead and initiate that outbound call without having to go through the process of creating a contact. As Tom mentioned in here, I can go ahead and set up my record automatically, my speaker configuration, my microphone configuration as well. Um, so being able to initiate this either, if you want to just search the contact just like you're used to, you um, can also toggle between each of your different numbers here as well. So if I want to place this call from my Texas sales team number, I can totally do that. And you'll actually see in the background my conversation view is actually going to pivot to that inbox as well. So that way you're not bouncing between a conversation timeline that doesn't match the number that you were just placing that call from. Cool. And actually this works out perfectly. The next thing we wanted to chat specifically about was member tagging. Um, so we've had the ability to be able to post internal notes on the conversation timeline for a little while now, but typically those notes are either coaching or feedback, um, collaboration with your team. Typically the information posted on a note requires collaboration with some other person. Um, so we want to make that easier and give it more of like an internal messaging or a Slack or a Microsoft team's type of experience where we have the ability to come in here and tag specific people. So in this inbox, say I have notes about a phone call. Um. I need to request a discount for a specific sales lead I'm working. What I can do is I can come in here and tag my sales ops director on that conversation directly in that threaded view, say, hey, if you want to check out this text or listen to this call recording, this is why I'd like to request that discount for this client. I can come in here, tag Jonah for example and leave that as a sticky note directly on the contact record in context with that contact. Jonah as a user is going to get a notification, we're going to get that chime from Salesmsg directly to be able to go back and follow up on it. But additionally, if we happen to miss that audio queue, or maybe we want to come back to it later on, we now have a list view specifically for mentions where I can come in here as a user and toggle to see all of the notes that I've specifically been mentioned on to bring myself up to speed with that conversation after the fact. Something that's pretty cool about this feature. They say I want to tag a user who's not. I have the ability to tag everyone on the inbox if I want to tag Vlad, Adrian, Rand, Jonah all at once, I can do that. But I can also tag a user who's not in this inbox if I want to. So, um, if I need to ask a different team member for information on a conversation they're not natively in this inbox to be able to work conversations, I have the ability to select that person, ask some information. And when I go ahead and post that note, it's actually going to prompt me to invite this person to be a part of this inbox so they can see the conversation that I've tagged them in. Um, so no need to bounce back and forth managing admin permissions. You can just add tag, type in that user's name and if they're already part of the inbox you're good to go. If they're not already part of the inbox, you'll see this modal here to invite them to be a part of this inbox. They can see the conversation. Yeah great. So one thing I want to add there is to ensure…
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