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Salesmsg has added an Advanced Conversation Search feature to its platform, providing users with more criteria to search for contacts, tags, inboxes, assigned members, and dates. Users can quickly find a contact by typing their name or phone number, and start a conversation by clicking on the icon. Advanced search queries allow users to zero in on specific conversations and run bulk actions on them. The search results are organized with the most relevant conversations at the top. Salesmsg encourages users to provide feedback to improve the feature further.

Hi, everyone. I would like to give you an update on one of the latest updates to the Salesmsg platform that we added to help you get the most out of it. And that update is advanced conversation search. So right away you will notice that once you click on the search field, you have more criteria. Search biased contacts, tags inboxes, assigned members and dates. But let's say you want to find a contact quickly and type a message to that contact. You could just write their name or their phone number, and then results that match your search criteria will come up. At the top, you can click that icon to start a conversation. Alternatively, you can start crafting complex search queries. So let's say, for example, you are interested in messages that are in a specific inbox that have a specific keyword. So with that, you can zero in exactly on the conversations that you are interested in. The most relevant, the search results will be at the top. You can even view these conversations and even better, run bulk actions on them. Once you're done on that, you can simply exit the search by clicking on that back arrow there. So that covers it up for Search. I hope it helps you manage your conversations better and let us know how we can even improve it more for you. Thank you.
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