May, 2021 - Product updates

When you Share, we Listen, then Build. Then it's Rolled Out in Product Features like these. Contact Filtering, Custom Fields, Toll-free Numbers, Aircall Updates, and more!


Mallory, a product manager at Salesmsg, introduces the latest features released in May. These include Contact Filtering and segments, allowing users to filter contacts by dates, names, emails and numbers, and save them to a smart segment. Custom Contact Fields have also been added, giving users the ability to add fields such as birthdays, job titles, and favorite Pokemon to their contacts. Salesmsg has also given users more options in choosing their numbers, with the ability to choose between a toll-free number or a ten-digit long code. Users can submit their company information for 10DLC registration within the Salesmsg UI. Lastly, the new and improved Aircall integration streamlines the process to enable SMS on your Aircall number.

Hello Salesmsg nation Salesmsg universe Salesmsg commonwealth Salesmsg territory. Are those anything? Is there anything there? Let me know. I'm Mallory, I am a product manager here at Salesmsg and it's already May, and it is time to review all of the goodies that we've released in the last month for you. Let's get to it. If you have a lot of contacts and maybe you struggle with keeping them organized, maybe they're not as tidy as they could be, you're going to want to hear this. We all know that the more flexible things are, the more powerful you become. When you get to choose what you want to do, the world is at your fingertips. We've just made you more powerful with your contacts. Now, with Contact Filtering and segments, you can drill down into the specifics of your contacts. You can filter by dates, names, emails and numbers with ease, and you can save them to a smart segment for later. Go to your Contacts page to open a new filter and try it out. With great power comes great responsibility. So I hope that you're up for the task. You all were looking for additional flexibility with your Contact fields and now it's here. We have released custom Contact Fields, which means you can add whatever type of field you'd like and track it for each contact birthday, company, job title, website, favorite Pokemon, anything. Now you can capture the contact information that matters most to you. Just go to your settings, go to Custom Fields and add your field. From there, make sure to select Show on Conversations and it will be on your conversation page for you to update the next time you're chatting with a contact. It's also available in your Merge fields to leverage. So whether you're sending a message or a broadcast or creating a trigger, you can pull those custom fields into your messages. Isn't that awesome? With all of the changes coming because of Ten DLC, we wanted to give you more options in choosing your numbers. Now upon sign up and when you create a new shared inbox, you get to choose if you want to use a toll free number or a ten digit long code. If by chance you're thinking what the heck's Ten DLC? And why should I care if you're a business that sends text messages? You do need to care. You do need to be compliant. But I got you. Just go to the description. There's a link to an article that tells you all you need to know about Ten DLC. Check it out and don't worry, Salesmsg has your back through all of these changes. Speaking of Ten DLC, we've now made it easy for you to submit your company information for it. Within the Salesmsg UI, you can submit your information which will make the Ten DLC registration seamless. When the time comes, just go to your organization settings and you'll find your Ten DLC profile and get started there. Spend about three minutes or so to submit the necessary information, and we'll take it from there. Like I said, we got your back. And finally, if you haven't heard about our new and improved Air Call integration, check it out. We've streamlined the process to enable SMS on your Air call number. We've added insight cards within Air Call that allow you to quickly hop into a Salesmsg conversation. And we've added Air Call entries on your Salesmsg timeline so you're never outside of the loop. We're always making things easier, faster, simpler and better so you can improve your business. Don't forget to like and subscribe so you don't miss out on any cool new features that we release. And as always, share your feedback with us at feedback Until next time you.
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