June, 2022 - Product Updates

Export Conversations, Video Messaging, Keywords, HubSpot Lists, and More!


In this video, Salesmsg introduces new features to enhance its platform. The first feature is the ability to export conversations in either text or CSV format, including or excluding conversation notes. The second feature is video messaging, where users can record and send video messages to their customers directly from the chat interface. The third feature is the Text-to-Join Keywords, allowing users to create keywords, collect leads, build actionable lists and personalize campaigns. The fourth feature is the ability to send broadcasts to Hubspot lists, which users can select as recipients. Lastly, the platform simplifies the toll-free number verification process into a few simple steps.

Hello? Salesmsg nation. We are quickly approaching the midway point of 2022 and guess what? We are not slowing down. So this video is yet about another five new features and improvements that we added to the platform last month. So let's take a look. First on the list is the ability to export Salesmsg conversations. Whether it's for audit or regulatory requirements, or if you you just want to keep a conversation for future reference, you now have the ability to export any conversation on the Salesmsg platform. You can choose between a text or a CSV format and you can even choose to include or exclude conversation notes a Salesmsg. We believe that conversations are good for business. And to help you have even more meaningful conversations, we added a feature to give you the ability to record and send video messages. Right from the chat interface Salesmsg. Simply navigate to the video section of the media library and you will see the option to record a video. Record the video with the message you wish to send your customer, add it to your message and hit Send Text to join keywords. One of the most requested features for this year is finally here and it is awesome. You can create a keyword in a few simple clicks and from there, share with your customers and start collecting high quality leads, build actionable lists and personalize your campaigns. You can even create multiple keywords and see how each one performs and only keep the ones that are working for you. For HubSpot and Salesmsg users out there, have you ever wondered if you can send a broadcast just to HubSpot list? Well, now you can do just that. From the integration settings for HubSpot, you can now import and sync all or a subset of your HubSpot list into Salesmsg. From there, you can create, broadcast and select those HubSpot lists as the recipients of those broadcasts. Last but not least, to help you stay compliant with the latest requirements for toll free verification, we simplify the toll free number verification process into a few simple steps. Start by creating a toll free News Kias profile by completing the information that is required by the carriers. From there, you can navigate back to the Numbers page on Salesmsg and see exactly the compliance status of all your toll free numbers. If there's a number that is pending verification, you can click Verify and choose one of the Use case profiles. Um, you'll create that sum it up for this month. Thanks for watching. If there is a feature you really want to see added to Salesmsg, let us know on feedback salesmenage.com. And if you are, a new Salesmsg starts through a 14 day free trial today. The link is in the description below. Thanks and I'll see you next month.
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