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The video discusses the new and improved design of Salesmsg Broadcasts, which is one of the most used features on the platform. The new design includes several amazing features that enhance the user experience, including a slick and functional interface, full control over who receives the message, advanced scheduling options such as dripping the message over multiple days, and recurring broadcasts on a schedule of the user's choice. Users also have ultimate flexibility and control with the ability to pause, resume, edit, and stop their broadcasts. Additionally, users can access their broadcast stats as the broadcast executes, allowing them to make adjustments and get the most out of their Salesmsg credits. The video encourages users to provide feedback to make the broadcasts even better and concludes by thanking viewers for watching.

For the longest time, Salesmsg broadcasts were and continue to be one of the most used features on the platform. But we wanted to make it even better. So we went back to the design board and redesigned Broadcast from the ground up and I think we came up with a number of amazing features that you're going to love. The new design for broadcast is slick, yet functional. As you craft your message, you'll be able to see what exactly it will look like for your customers and make adjustments as needed. From there, you have full control over who receives your message with the ability to select multiple segments and even individual contacts. Once you're ready, you can either send it right away or at a later date and time. But even you can drip your message over multiple days with advanced scheduling. Recurring broadcasts is the best way for you to keep your customers engaged without the extra work. Say goodbye to endlessly cloning broadcasts, because now you can send a repeating message to your customers on a schedule of your liking, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or even on a custom schedule. Once you have created your broadcast, you have the ability to edit either single occurrences or all future occurrences as needed. To give you ultimate flexibility and control, you now have the ability to pause, resume, edit and stop your broadcasts. This is a great way for you to edit scheduled broadcasts without having to create them from scratch. Last but not least, your broadcast stats are now available for you as your broadcast executes. This way you have all the information you need to make adjustments to go and get the most out of your Salesmsg credits. That's it for the new and improved broadcast. Let us know how else we can make them even better for you. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.
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