June, 2021 - Product updates

"Drip" messaging, Geo-Location segmentation, Short Code SMS, and more!


Chris Brisson, Salesmsg's representative, shared in a video the updates they released in May. Among the new features and improvements are a more straightforward way to see unread messages from any Salesmsg number in shared inboxes, an update to the broadcast tool to give users greater insight into how their broadcasts are performing, and the ability to send up to five MMS pictures in one text message. They also introduced advanced scheduling features for broadcasting called Drip and enhancements to the mobile app and Chrome extension.

Hey folks, Chris prasan here. It is that time again and we are flying through 2021. I'm excited to share with you this new video of all the updates we added in May. We think you're going to love it. So if your job has anything to do with sales, marketing, customer support, managing a team, and you're going to love us. So buckle up, let's get to it. To kick it off, we rolled out a best, better, easier and faster way that you can see your unread messages from any of your Salesmsg numbers in Shared inboxes. bruno, our amazing designer, gave it a nice refresh so you can quickly see who you need to respond to just toggle through your inboxes. And in a quick glance, you can see your unread messages. When you want to get a message out to a large group of people, there is no better way than to send a mass text message using Salesmsgs Broadcast Tool, we made some huge updates to give you greater insight to see how well your broadcasts actually perform. You can now see the overall stats like total sent, how many failed, how many replied, and much more. Plus, you'll also be able to see exactly who fell into that category. Sometimes you want to send out a mass text, while other times you want to drip out text slowly. And that's why we created our advanced scheduling feature for broadcasting called Drip. Now you can select to send your text to a set amount of contacts per day. For example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I want to send out a text to only 50 contacts per UM day. This way I can easily manage those replies as they come in without dropping the ball. As a Salesmsg user on any plan, you can now send one way mass text messages from our vanity Shared Short Code 79,000. And sending from a shared short code is great for sending to thousands of contacts quickly. We also have dedicated short codes, so if you'd like to get a dedicated short code that is your own brand, your own company, our team is here to help. Go ahead and reach out to us and we can hook you up. Last month, we introduced contact filtering and segments to give you an easier way to filter and segment contacts to apply tags and send targeted texts. We've taken it a step further with a few more enhancements. You can now filter contacts based on state, area code, time zone, custom fields and more. You can create and or conditions to refine your filters and create dynamic segments easily. So give it a go and let us know what you think. Salesmsg gives you the ability to send sms and mms text messages, but before you could only send one pitcher, one mms to a contact, well, we increased it. Now you can send up to five mms pictures, gifts and images in one text let your memes run wild with this one. We also made some improvements to the mobile app in Chrome extension, like long swipe to close your conversation, typing indicators to see when a team member is replying to a contact, a few more broadcasting updates, and much more. So go ahead and update your mobile app, download the chromos extension to see all of these updates. All right, that's all we have for today. Thanks for checking out the video to get more updates, feature releases, tips, strategies, and a whole lot more. Do me a favor and smash that like button and click subscribe. If there's one thing or a few things you want us to build or to fix, let us know. Just head over to Feedback Salesmsg.com and let us know. Your feedback is a gift. It helps us make the product better to help you. So, with that said, have a great day. Talk to you soon. See you.
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