October, 2021 - Product updates

Refer a Friend, Website to Chat Widget, 10DLC Compliance, Calling , Broadcast in Contact’s Timezone, and more...


Salesmsg has released several updates and improvements in the last quarter of 2021. Users can now earn free credits by referring friends to the platform. The Salesmsg web to chat widget has been introduced, allowing users to customize their own widget and receive messages from their website. Salesmsg is also compliant with the new A2P 10DLC rules for better deliverability. The platform now offers calling features, including automatic call recording and analytics. Lastly, smart broadcasts have been improved with the option to customize the time of delivery based on recipients' time zones.

Hello? Salesmsg nation. We are down to the last quarter of the year but 2021 has still got lots to offer. We are back with another product update with a bunch of features and improvements that we think you are going to love. So let's jump right in. If you love texting your customers as much as we do and you've enjoyed using Salesmsg, well I've got some great news. You can now spread the love and to earn some free credits along the way, hop into Referrals under Settings in the Salesmsg app and you will be able to create your referral account. You'll be given your own dedicated referral link which you can share with your friends either through social media or through email. Once they register you will get 25 credits and they will get 25 credits too. You'll also be able to see how many people clicked on your link and how many referrals you've had and how many credits you've earned so far. Next on the list is a cool feature that many of you have asked for. With the all new Salesmsg web to chat widget, you can extend the power of Salesmsg to your own website. Hop into the Settings and you could start creating and customizing your own Salesmsg widget, including which inbox you want the messages to go to. Once you are done, you can copy the javascript code snippet into the footer of the website and your users will be able to text you right from your website. If you are a long time user of business texting or new to the game, you have probably heard about the new eight P Ten dlc rules that the carriers implemented to increase consumer trust and empower businesses with better deliverability. Well staying compliant as a user of Salesmsg is very easy because it's built in into the product. If you qualify for a starter package, you are automatically registered for one. Otherwise, if you qualify for a standard package based on your usage, you can very easily use the intuitive registration flow to register your business. Salesmsg is now more than a texting platform, it is also a calling product. Now you can call and receive calls from your customers using your Salesmsg number right in the Salesmsg web app or mobile app. You can also take advantage of awesome features such as automatic recording of your calls or calling analytics. Last but not least, we have a cool improvement that will make smart broadcasts even smarter. If you have customers in different time zones and you want them all to receive the broadcast text message at the same time, well now you can choose to customize the time the customers receive your text message based on their time zone. Once you schedule, your broadcast messages will be delivered in batches based on the recipients area code. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you would like to stay informed of the latest and greatest features that we release. Hit the like button, subscribe to the channel and if there is anything you would like to see added to Salesmsg, hop over to feedback@Salesmsg.com. You will be able to see all the ideas that the members of the Salesmsg community contributed. You can even vote on them. That's it for me today. Happy texting and see you soon.
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