March, 2021 - Product updates

Landline Texting, SMS in ActiveCampaign Automations, and more!


This text is a Salesmsg monthly update, featuring several new features and improvements. These updates include adding SMS and MMS capabilities to existing landlines, integrating Salesmsg with ActiveCampaign and PipeDrive, and several usability enhancements to the Salesmsg platform. The text highlights the benefits of these updates for sales, marketing, and support professionals, and encourages readers to try Salesmsg for free and provide feedback.

Hey, Salesmsg nation. If you've lost track of time, well, guess what? It's March. And it also means it's time to take a look back at all the amazing features we put out last month for you. And so, as I say in every video, if your job has anything to do with sales, marketing, support, running a team or business, these updates are for you. And if you happen to be watching this video on YouTube, check out the description for links to the things mentioned during this video, as well as if you're not yet a customer, a free trial to try Salesmsg. All right, well, let's get this moving to the next step. And let me bring it over to my good friend Mallory, who's going to give you the first update. Let's take it over to her. Hello, everyone. It is great to see you once again. If your customers, contacts and leads are texting you on one line and calling you on another, it is time you text enabled your landline. You can now easily and quickly add SMS and MMS capabilities to your existing landline without losing your old number or switching phone carriers. It's as easy as one, two, three. Number one, enter your number and verify that you own the landline that you want text enabled. Number two, authorize the Salesmsg can use the SMS and MMS pipes of your landline. Number three, assign your landline number to a shared inbox or a personal number. It won't be long before everyone expects every number to be text enabled, including your landline. So if you've had the same phone number for years, your customers recognize it, they know it, and they want to text it. And now they can. How do you do? From the farm? Yes, I live on a real farm. And if you didn't already know, you can now, without leaving Active Campaign, write and manage Salesmsg text messages right from your automations. Just find Salesmsg, send SMS MMS Message under Cxapps no matter what trigger you use, like when a tag is added or removed, or a page is visited, or field value changes, or a stripe or PayPal order is received, you can tell Salesmsg to send text. And if you previously used web hooks, you can now just build natively inside of automation. Here's one hot tip. If you install Salesmsg Chrome extension, you can read and respond to all text messages while inside of Active Campaign for the all in one experience. Hey, hey. Pipe drive users. Once your account manager integrates with Salesmsg, the next obvious thing you're going to want to do is send and receive some texts, but without any messy importing exporting, right? Well, if you're nodding your head, this is some great news for you, because we added something called Real Time Search to Pipe Drive a few months ago. But what you might not know is that we've recently added the ability for you to do that same real time search inside of the Chrome extension and iOS and Android apps as well. So now, in those places, you can just type the name of the contact that you want to text into the search bar, and bam, we'll go pull that right over there for you so you can start texting without any messy importing or exporting. And as Daniel mentioned just a couple of minutes ago, if you're using the Chrome extension, it lets you live inside of Pipe Drive, too. So you don't need to switch back and forth between Pipe Drive and Salesmsg to manage your messages. All right. You'll like these, I promise you. I'm about to run through four of what we call usability enhancements, which make Salesmsg a happier place to spend your time. Number one, the canned message preview window has been expanded. So if you have long canned messages and you wanted to see more, well, now you can't. You get it so, so bad. I'm so sorry. OK, moving on. Number two, trigger names now have a hover box over them to show the full name of the trigger. This is really helpful when trying to find triggers that have long names. Number three, inside the conversation timeline, you can see both the name of the teammate who replied to the message, as well as the assigning history to see when the conversation changed hands. You'll also see a clearer way to identify the status of your messages. Number four, the conversation chat box. At the bottom, you know, where you write your message that is now sticky, which means if you scroll up to read a message earlier in the conversation history, the chat box stays put at the bottom so you can read and write with less hassle. Well, that wraps up this month's update on how we've made Salesmsg better for you. And if you happen to be watching this on YouTube, check out the description for links to anything mentioned in today's video. If you're not yet a customer, you should also find a trial link to get Salesmsg free for 14 days. And lastly, hit like or subscribe. It really makes the energy and effort we put into making these videos worth it. All right, well, if you've got any feedback, suggestions or ideas, that's how we build a lot of these things. That's the last thing here is go to feedback, and we'll see you on the next video. So until then, let's keep going and growing together.
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