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The text discusses core SMS strategies used by Aircall power teams, introduced by Janayn Evans-Irem, a partner account manager at Aircall, and Justin Zimmerman, the director of partnerships at Salesmsg. They talk about Salesmsg, a top business texting app for sales teams, and Aircall, an upgraded cloud-based phone solution that helps teams scale up and grow quickly by integrating with over 100 different apps. The text also discusses the importance of team management, multiple numbers, two-way repliability, voicemail, recordings, automation, mass texting, and broadcastability. Furthermore, it explains that trust building is more important than technology when using SMS strategies and provides four core SMS strategies to differentiate yourself from competitors. The text aims to fast track the reader's results by providing the strategies for a perfect appointment funnel, closing deals with MMS and video, automatically texting missed calls, and driving promos, surveys, and reviews.

So hello and welcome everyone. Today we're very excited to jump into some core SMS strategies that Air Call power teams use. Um, and why don't I just start off by introducing myself. Let's go ahead and do that first. So, hello. My name is Janine Evan Zrim. I'm a partner account manager at Air Call. Been there for the past six months. And what I do is I work exclusively with our Sales and Texting partners, really, to help our partners provide cloud based telephony solutions that already integrates with apps that they're having to use. And I really want to make sure that our partners get access to our customers that can benefit from their solution. So Justin, we pass it to you. Can you please introduce yourself to the people that are here today? Yeah. Thanks, Janinee. And speaking of helping partners enable solutions, I think that's why we're all here today. And so I'm Justin Zimmerman, director of Partnerships here at Salesmsg. And my job on a day to day basis, pretty much for the last two years has been to interview and discover all the best use cases and ways our customers are using Salesmsg with our partner apps. And so, in this case, today Air Call. And so I kind of joke around about how I say I collect SMS use cases the way people collect baseball cards or comics. I've got dozens and dozens of proven outcomes that people people have put into place. And so I'm really excited today because what you're going to get for me is just that core sampling of the best of the best from the customers that I've seen, use them and implement them, and now we get to share them back with you, as well as some of my own actual personal experiences using Salesmsg. Not only am I the partnership manager, but I'm also a customer. That old little saying from back in the day. And so I'd love to right now because my job is to listen and hear where everybody is in their world and their business, to take a second right now and ask you a couple of questions. And so you should see on your screen right now a poll popping up to allow me to understand what CRM are you using, how many people are on your team, and which apps do you currently use? Because this will be helpful for me to kind of fine tune some things as we move forward in the next couple of, I would say an hour together here. And so these are some of the key core things that really determine, um, how much you can get out of these apps together. And so it looks like we've got about 20% of you right now who are using Active Campaign, 40% of you right now using HubSpot, about 7% of you guys using Pipe Drive and Salesforce. And a big kind of 24% of you guys using another CRM from here, I think we're really ready to go take it to the next level. How? What do you think, Janae? Let's take it to the next level, Justin. Let's go and do that. All right, so what is Salesmsg? I know that there are people who are on this right now who have come from the aircraft world and don't know what Salesmsg is. And so we are one of the top, if not the top, business texting apps that sales teams can use to assign and manage messages all in one place. An emphasis on team management in multiple numbers because we have a deep integration with Aircall, and Janine is going to get into this in a second because they have a really deep call and voice management side. And so we make team texting, multiple SMS number management, MMS, video and broadcast, all possible for Air Call numbers. And so we've helped tens of thousands of customers really drive more sales appointments. So everything we're going to talk about today is all about plugging and playing and extending the features of Salesmsg into Air Call. Now that you know a little bit about Salesmsg, let's talk about Air Call. Yeah. So what is air call? So what we do is upgrade are a cloud based phone solution. We integrate with over 100 different apps. We really help teams scale up and grow as quickly as they want to. Um, having numbers in the US. As well as 50 plus countries worldwide, we have a lot of great team features. Um, we have IVRs that are available to help you, um, set up your numbers in any way that you need to for sales, for support, or for any other teams that you have within your company. So that's your call in a nutshell. That's great. Thanks, Janine. What you're going to find is that combination of having numbers that are callable, not all texting numbers are callable. With Air Call and Salesmsg. You have a callable number. Not all texting numbers are two way repliable. You're going to find out why having numbers that are not just one way broadcast or notifications, how important that is to the strategy we're going to show you today. Not all numbers come with voicemail. Not all numbers can be recorded. Not all numbers can be automatable into the CRMs for all those campaigns and workflows that you would love to take advantage of. Not all numbers and texting are mass textable and broadcastable. And of course, we've gone through some of the team features already. But both between Salesmsg and Air Call, you get user permissions multiple inboxes all the levels of analytics and management. That as if you're a manager or have multiple people on your team and you want to have granularity into what they see and they do and have it. What we hear from our customers who are using Air Call scalable as my business grows. And so everything we're going to talk about today isn't possible unless you have Air Call and Salesmsg together. So a little story, but before that, a quick drink here. Um, like I said, I interview our customers and I'm always trying to get to the heart of the story of their success, pain points and problems. And so I'd like to introduce you to what we're calling the boss of Air Call and Salesmsg. The boss, his name the boss, Patrick Crowley. Um, he is the sales manager over at a company called Electrum and they have together over 100 plus Salesmsg Air Call numbers together. And so when I heard that, I go, I have to understand what they're doing and how they're doing it because that is kind of like going to give us a really full big picture of what's possible across sales and support and all the different ways that you might want to use Salesmsg. And so some of the top things that he told me that we're going to get into a second is they love the appointment reminders feature, they totally need the MMS and video feature, the reliability of Salesmsg and Air Call. And of course, the solution grows with their team. Now you might see a post in the chats from Dave who is our support manager here. He's got links to a lot of things we're going to talk about. And so if you haven't yet seen the customer story behind this, dave can pop that link into the chat for you. Because like Patrick here, one of the challenges he struggled with was when he was calling and emailing alone, people weren't picking up, he wasn't getting the responses in the timing list that they needed. But when they added tiny little texts to their sequences, as we say, like magic, people showed up for appointments, there was less cancellations, more deals got done, more sales got made, more salespeople met quota, and of course, more customers left reviews and less clients churned. And so it did actually put some philosophical thought into you're thinking I'm crazy here. Is it texting and technology? Is it Salesmsgs, 98% open rate, or is it something else? And so what I really think today that is important big high level grab for you before we get into the tactics of the strategies is to understand that what we're going to show you today has a lot less to do with technology and has way more to do with how you use it to build trust. Because as a strategic advantage, today's big idea isn't an SMS strategy session, it is a trust building session using tiny texts. Because what I realized and what you're going to learn is that when your competitors are slow and unresponsive, you can be fast, friendly, and following through where your competitors can leave your leads and customers, their leads and customers in doubt. You'll be able to demonstrate speed, availability, and ease to work with. And so what I realized is that this is not a webinar on strategy and texting. This is a strategy session on differentiation through speed and service. And so, Janine, here it is. You know what we say, here we go. Conversations are good for business. And so we want to drill that home. Because if you understand the power of tiny texts and the power of conversational business texting, you're going to be able to unlock a lot of the things that we're going to show you today. And so, because business texting is new for many people, our goal for you today is to fast track your results by giving you these core four SMS strategies that will help you differentiate yourself. And so here we go. So, core strategy number one is a perfect appointment funnel how to get more people to show up for those appointments. Course strategy number two is closing deals with MMS and video. So how to avoid good deals going bad. We never want that to happen. Mhm course strategy three is automatically text missed calls. How to turn those missed calls into SMS driven sales and self serve support. Then core strategy number four, air call tag texting, how to drive promos surveys and reviews. Plus, like I said before, there's so many amazing use cases that we can't go through all of them, but I didn't want to leave these really what we'll call extra strategies off the table. So at the end, I'm going to go quickly thr…
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