Scheduled messages


This video explains the scheduled message feature of a messaging platform. Users can set a time and date for a message to be sent, as well as choose a stop on response option. The feature includes options to edit and delete messages, and there is a consolidated view for all scheduled messages.

Hi! In this video I would like to tell you about our scheduled message feature. Scheduled messages are very useful if you want to follow up with someone and you don't want to remember about it manually. To set up scheduled messages click the scheduled message icon, set the time and date and the stop on response option. Stop on response makes it so if a person replies to you before the scheduled message is sent the scheduled message will not be sent at all. So here I have set up the scheduled message I can now enter my text and send it. As you can see in my conversation I now have a scheduled message with delete, edit options which do what you expect them to do, stop on responses on, when it's scheduled at and what's the actual message. On top of that we now have a Consolidated view for all scheduled messages and you can control them from one place. This was a big request from our users community so we are glad we can bring this feature for our scheduled messages. Thank you, bye.
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