NEW! Voice Compliance

Ensure your calls are never marked as "Spam Likely" and differentiate your business with a unique Caller ID.


Salesmsg has introduced new voice compliance features to its platform, including trusted calls with STIR/SHAKEN, which authenticates and verifies phone calls to eliminate potentially fraudulent calls. Users can also create unique caller IDs to represent their business, with the option to have multiple numbers under the same ID or different IDs for different numbers. Additionally, the update includes a unified business profile, allowing users to add all necessary information about their business required for these features once and use it across all products. These new features prioritize security and compliance, giving users peace of mind while focusing on engaging customers.

at sales message security and compliance are our number one priority we are always adding features and tools right into the platform to give you the peace of mind that you are always compliant and give you the room to focus on engaging your customers last year we introduced sales message calling and it was an instant hit with many of our customers so today we are very excited to announce a number of voice compliance features that we added to that platform that we think you are going to love so let's check them out first on the list is trusted calls with store shaken sturgeon can add its core is an industry-wide approach to help service providers authenticate and verify phone calls that way they are able to flag and notify consumers about potentially fraudulent phone calls so when you upgrade the level of attestation you have or start shaking you are essentially eliminating the chances of your phone numbers being labeled as scam likely take the trust you built with your customers to the next level by picking a unique caller id that represents your business using cnam caller id but here's the cool part you can have multiple numbers under the same color id or alternatively you can have different color ids for different numbers let's say you are operating nationally and you have different offices and you want each one to have their unique caller id last but not least we added a unified business profile where you can add all the necessary information about your business required for these products once and then from there it's used across all these products from 10 dlc to stair shaking and beyond that sums it up for voice compliance if you have any questions about the voice compliance features i introduced in this video please don't hesitate to reach out to us we would be more than happy to chat with you and thanks for tuning in
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