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Organize your team for success from day one. Chose the right role for each one on your team, and customize their permissions as needed.


Salesmsg has introduced new roles and permissions to give users more control over the permissions they give to their team members. Users can choose from four standard roles or customize permissions to fit the role and responsibilities of each team member. Additionally, the update includes an easy-to-use interface for dropping access levels and reassigning work to other team members, making it simple to manage team changes without disrupting customer communication. Users can also request access from within Salesmsg with one click. If users have other features in mind, they can join the conversation and provide feedback.

As Sales Message grew, the depth and breadthof the teams that are using it grew as well. We've heard from many of our users that they want more control over the permissions they give to their team members. So today we are very excited to announce roles and permissions engineered from the. Ground up to fit the needs of every team. So let's check it out. Start with the right permission from day one. Now, when you invite members to Sales Message, you can pick one of four. Standard roles that we designed into the. Application based on input from our users. And each one of those roles comes with a different set of permissions. Are you overwhelmed with the managing the. Sales Message account and would like to. Get some help from one of your team members? Well, with the Admin role, you can do just that. You can empower one of your team members to have full control of the application, from managing inboxes to adding and removing members, to even controlling the billing information. Do you have team members with unique. Responsibilities and none of the standard roles fit your needs? Well? Now, with Granular permissions, you can go even a level deeper to further customize. The permissions to fit the role and. Responsibilities of each member of your team. Do you have a team member going on leave or changing roles within the company? Well, now you can very easily drop. Their level of access to view only. You can choose to retain their seat. On Sales Message to assign it to. Somebody else, or drop it completely if you don't want to be charged for it. But here's the best part assigning all their work from contacts to conversations to a different M team member is as. Simple as one click. That way, your customers don't feel any disruption in communication. Last but not least, all the members. On your team who have you only. Access are able to request access from within Sales Message with one click. That way, as an Admin or as an uh owner, you'll be able to see all the requests in your inbox. And change the role as needed. That sum it up for roles and permissions. If you have other features in mind, jump over to feedback and join the conversation. And thank you.
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