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In this video, Chris introduces the new Zapier updates to Salesmsg, including new triggers, actions, and a search function for the integration. One of the new triggers is missing incoming phone calls, which enables users to set up automations when a call is missed. Another trigger is tag added to contacts, which is coming soon. The actions include the ability to send a group text message, Phone Checker to look up phone carrier and type, add a note to a contact, and find a Salesmsg member. Users can easily set up these actions and merge in phone numbers from their Zaps. The video provides a demonstration of each action, and Chris encourages viewers to use these new features to enhance their Salesmsg experience.

Hey, this is Chris. And in this video I want to show you all the really awesome new Zapier updates we just made to Salesmsg. We made some new triggers, we made some new actions, and a new search function to give the Zapier integration a, um, lot more beef. So let me show you what we built. So we added some new triggers. And so when you go to Zapier, you'll see this new trigger over here, which is missing incoming phone calls. We had a lot of folks say, hey, I want to be able to automate, um a Zapier when somebody calls me, but I miss the phone call. So a good example would be somebody calls you, you don't pick it up. You could set up a Zap. So, hey, maybe delay three minutes and then send this text message. And that text could say something like, um, hey just saw you caught a little tied up. What's the best email for you? Or how can I help? Whatever it is, you can start to build an automation for that. We also set up another, um, trigger which is coming soon, which is tag added to contacts. So when a Salesmsg tag is added to a contact, that can then trigger an automation inside of Zapier, right? Pretty cool stuff. These two features are now available. Actually, the tag one is coming soon, but the missing call one is set up. Now let's get to the action. So we have a couple of actions. We have the ability to send a group text message right, from Zapier. We have Phone Checker, which will look up the phone carrier. It will look up the phone type. Is it a landline? Is it a mobile? Is it a VoIP? Is it a bad number? You can look that up. You can apply a note or add a note to a contact. And then you can find a Salesmsg member. Let me show you each one of these and what they actually look like inside of a Salesmsg too. So once you go over here and you can set up the action, so you just choose where you want to send it from. And then if you want to hard code in a phone number, like, hey, I want to add my phone number, you can do that. If you want to merge in a phone number from one of the Zaps that you have, you can easily just, um, merge that in. And now you can create a group text which everybody can see the conversations there. So let me just go over here and show you what it looks like. So basically, you send this out, it's going to send a text. And so everybody in this group gets this text message. So you can see this contact and this contact and it's all within one group text. Everybody in the group can respond and everybody can see those messages. You can now do that from Zapier. So that is the group text. Pretty cool feature phone chucker what this will do is it's going to look up a phone number. So maybe you want to look up a number to determine the carrier or to look up the, um, type. So you just put in the phone number here and then once you run the action, it's going to pull down this information. Right? So here's the number, here's the format, here's the country, here's, um, the carrier. And then what type is it? Landline VoIP mobile. So you can look up those numbers and, um, take some action on that, some extra data as well. And then create note. So if you want to create a note on a contact now, you can do that with our Zapier integration. Again, what's the phone number and then what is the note? So I'll show you what it looks like over here. And there it is. Right? So you push a note from Zapier, it's going to add a note on the contact record. It's not going to do it on the conversation record. If you guys want that, let us know. Um, we can certainly build it so that's create a note. And then the last one is the ability to find a Salesmsg member, um, and to see all the members. So what you do is just set up this action. You don't really need to search. If you want, you can search, but it will just run the action and then pull down the list of members that you have on here, like, hey, here's all these members, here's the email address, time zone, all of this other information on your users. So a use case for this, maybe if you need to round robin or you need to sort of do a pivot table and a lookup table to determine that you want to send it to somebody. So, um, that's it. And hope you enjoy it. Got some awesome new features on the platform as well. And the Zapier one certainly makes it nice and simple. So thanks, everyone. Have a good one.
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