NEW & Improved HubSpot SMS Integration

SMS for All HubSpot Workflows, Advanced Send SMS Action, Import & Sync HubSpot Lists, Create & Update Salesmsg Contact Action, Outbound Messages Round Robin Assignment


The video discusses five new features and improvements to Salesmsg HubSpot integration. The first feature is the addition of Salesmsg triggers and actions to all HubSpot workflow types. The second feature is an update to the "Send from SMS" action for HubSpot Workflows, allowing mapping of Salesmsg inboxes to contacts based on any rule. The third feature is the ability to import HubSpot lists into Salesmsg. The fourth feature is the Salesmsg Create or Update Contact action in HubSpot workflows. Lastly, the video discusses the round robin assignment feature for outbound messages. Salesmsg encourages users to visit to suggest additional features for the integration and to start a free trial of Salesmsg. Users can also book a demo to learn more about how Salesmsg and HubSpot work together.

Hi everyone. So as many of you know, we invest a lot of time and energy heated Salesmsg in building one of the best SMS texting and calling extensions for HubSpot. And in this video, I want to walk you through five new features and improvements that will make the Salesmsg HubSpot integration even better. First on the list test is the addition of Salesmsg triggers and actions to all HubSpot workflow types. You can now leverage the power of SMS through any workflow type you have configured in HubSpot, whether it's a contact or deal or conversation based workflow using Salesmsg triggers and Actions. To make your workflows even more effective, the Send from SMS action for HubSpot Workflows got a major update that I'm very excited to share with you. Specifically the send from Field. Besides the two traditional options you're used to or sending from a Salesmsg inbox and sending its contact owner, there's a third new option in that list and that's the advanced option. So the advanced option allows you to map Salesmsg inboxes to your contacts in HubSpot based on any rule you like. For example, let's say you have many regions that you operate in and you want to map inboxes in your Salesmsg list of inboxes to your contacts. Based on the region, you can copy your inbox ID from Salesmsg and map it to your contacts using a HubSpot workflow. But once that's done, when you create your workforce, you no longer need to create a branch for every Salesmsg inbox you intend to use for that workflow. Just use whatever property you have used to map to your Salesmsg inbox and then the number will be dynamically assigned, significantly increasing the speed with which you create and run these workloads. Next is a feature that many of you have asked for and that's the ability to import your HubSpot lists into Salesmsg. With the new import and sync HubSpot lists feature in Salesmsg. You can do just that. Choose one or multiple lists you want to import to Salesmsg. And once you do so, you can filter out the contacts in those lists in your context view, perhaps even add tags to these contacts. But even better, you could run specific broadcast to the contacts in these lists. From the broadcast feature of Salesmen, we also added a brand new action to contact based workflows in HubSpot and that's Salesmsg Create or Update Contact. Now you can create Salesmsg contacts right from within a HubSpot workflow. You can choose whichever HubSpot token you want to use for the phone number. You can even use multiple if you want the fall back option. And the nice thing here is that the last name, first name, email and contact owner of that contact record in HubSpot will also be used when creating that contact in Salesmsg to ensure you don't have any incomplete records. Last but not least is a uh feature we added for our customers who send mass texts through HubSpot workflows to a large list of contacts, and that is round robin assignment for outbound messages. Before this feature, if you sent a large uh workflow, using shared inboxes, those outbound messages were going to be unassigned. That means the moment you start receiving inbound text messages, you will have to quickly assign those conversations to the right individuals. Now, with this feature, you can ensure that um outbound messages are already assigned before you start receiving responses, helping you become more productive. That's it for this Salesmsg. HubSpot integration update. Are there any other features you want us to add to this integration? Hop over to feedback and let us know and we will make it happen. If you are a HubSpot user and you are considering adding SMS to that mix, please do so by starting your free trial of Salesmsg today. And if you would like to get a deeper dive on how Salesmsg and HubSpot work together, by all means book a demo and somebody from our team will walk you through all the details you need to know. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next update.
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