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The latest features we added to our Calling product will help your business get the most out of Salesmsg Calling.


The video highlights new features that have been added to Salesmsg Calling, which has quickly become one of the most used features on the platform. The first feature discussed is Native Calling for HubSpot, which enables users to view call recordings, set outcomes, change the direction of the call, listen to recordings, and add comments, all within the native activity type on the contact record. This also allows for dedicated custom reports in Salesmsg with activity type "call." The second feature, Call Whisper, enables users to set an intro message to give the caller more context about the call, which plays before the recipient answers the call. The dialpad feature enables users to make outbound calls without creating a contact first, select the number to call from, search CRM contacts, and set automatic recording. The voicemail feature has also been improved with the ability to record longer greetings and control the ring duration. The video encourages users to provide feedback and suggests visiting to add new feature requests or vote on existing ones.

Hi everyone. So since we released Salesmsg Calling, it quickly became one of the most used features on the platform. So we have been adding features continuously to make it even better. So in this video, I would like to walk you through a few that we added recently. So as you can see here, this is a Salesmsg conversation and there's the history of the calling activity here. So the first feature share on the list is Native Calling for HubSpot. So let's navigate to HubSpot for this contact record and see what that actually means. So as you can see now, Sales Message Calling is a native activity type on the contact record. So for this call, you can view the call recording, you can set an outcome, you can change the direction of the call, listen to the recording and even add a comment. So the best part about this is now you can do dedicated Calling custom reports in Salesmsg with activity type call, right? So you can set the activity type as call and the report on all sorts of things such as, um, number of calls per member, the average duration of the call, the call outcome, so on and so forth. So the next feature I would like to walk you through is something we call a Call Whisper. So what does that all mean? So if you set call forwarding on one or more of your inboxes in Salesmsg, you now have the ability to set, ah, like an intro message that will give the caller more context about the call. So let's try to set Call Forwarding here on this number and then you will see there is a new feature called Call Whisper. So if you turn on that call whisper, you can start typing any message you want. Let's say Incoming Call from Salesmsg and then you can play that message and see like what it sounds like. So what is going to happen is when you forward that call, the recipient of that call will first get that message before, um, answering the call. So it just gives more context. You can even customize it more with the merge field. So you can add the name of the caller, for example, Incoming Call from So and So, right if that context is already saved on your list. So just a way to make managing forwarded calls easier. So next on the list is the dialpad. So previously if you wanted to make a call from Salesmsg, you always needed to create a contact first, which makes it a little bit cumbersome. But now you can just click on this icon here and then you can just make an outbound call. But it's a little bit more sophisticated than that. You can pick which number you want to call from if you have multiple numbers. You can search your CRM contacts if you want to call a number that is not yet on Salesmsg or you can just punch in that number you want to call right here from the dialpad. You can also select the, um, speaker and microphone you want to use for optimal calling quality. And then you can set automatic recording if you want to save the conversation for later. Last but not least, we improve the voicemail feature with adding two additions. One is the ability to record a longer greeting up to three minutes. And this is useful if you want to give your users more context. Let's say you have just a short greeting for open hours, but longer greeting with directions on what to do for your customers for after hours. So you have the ability to do that. You also have more control over how long the ring duration is. So when your customers call in, how long should they, how many rings should they hear before they are directed to voicemail? So more flexibility there too. So these are some of the features we added recently to Salesmsg Calling. But my question to you is what else should we work on next? So if you navigate to Feedback, you will see under the Calling section there's a bunch of features that some of our users already requested and voted on. So by all means, either add ah, new requests here or vote on the existing ones so that we continue making Salesmsg Calling even better for you. Thanks and I'll see you in the next video.
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