New and Improved Aircall Integration

Streamlined number enablement, Aircall insight cards, and Aircall calls logged on Salesmsg conversation timeline. Power and simplicity, defined.


The video is an announcement about a new feature that is now live for Aircall users. The feature allows users to handle the entire process of configuring their Aircall number for SMS from within the Salesmsg web app, eliminating the need for a complicated and time-consuming process. The Insight cards feature now allows users to send a follow-up text to a contact they are currently on the phone with or viewing their contact record. Additionally, the centralized timeline of events feature allows users to view all their Aircall history in their Salesmsg conversation timeline without switching back and forth between apps.

Hey Salesmsg nation. If we keep using that, it will eventually catch on and I for 01:00 a.m. Committed to it. I have amazing news for you Air Call users. This is the change that you've all been waiting for and it is finally live. I can't wait to get you all using it. So let's go take a look. Configuring your Air call number for SMS before was a pain. You were sent on a wild goose chase. Go get this pin over here, go bring it over here, et cetera, et cetera. Now everything has changed for the better. You can handle the entire process from within the sales message web app. No more back and forth like that. Now you'll always know where your number is and you can easily assign it to where you want to use it, whether it's replacing a personal number or creating a new shared inbox. Ever wish you could send a follow up text to a contact you're currently chatting with on the phone? Well now, using Aircall's Insight cards, you can click into your Sales Message Insight card while on a call with a contact, or when you're just peeking at their contact record, it will take you directly to their sales message conversation. Maybe you've chatted with them before. Maybe you'd like to catch up on the history. Whatever it is now you can just click and stay in the know without fumbling through searches. You'll help people better and faster. All m day. Every day we hop between multiple apps, so having a centralized timeline of events ensures we don't miss out on any critical information. We've built an easier way for you to see all of your Air Call history in your sales message conversation timeline without switching back and forth between apps. We're always making things easier, faster, simpler and better so you can improve your business. Now air calls a breeze. So if you have any questions, comments or anything you'd love to chat about, let us know. You know where to find us.
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