Message Drafts


This video introduces the draft messages feature of a messaging platform. When a message is typed but not sent, it is automatically saved as a draft. Users can access and edit their drafts from the conversation screen or through a draft filter, which displays all drafts across conversations. Drafts can be deleted or sent and will be removed from the drafts list.

Hi in this video I would like to introduce our draft messages feature which works as you would expect it to work from any messenger that you have on your mobile phone. Here we are in the conversation window and when we input a message it will be automatically saved as draft until you send it or delete it. On top of that you have a draft icon on your conversation screens and even more you have a draft filter that allows you to see all the drafts that you have left unchecked. If you go back to your conversation you will see the draft waiting for you to be edited. if you go to another conversation with the draft you will also see the draft and if you go through the filter and you click edit again you will be sent straight to the conversation and you will be able to to edit it or send it. When you delete the drafts or send it it will be removed from the drafts and you will not see it in a filter. That's it, thank you.
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