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Mention Team Members in Conversation Notes, Quickly Add Team Members to an Inbox, View All Your Mentions in One Place, and More!


In this Salesmsg update video, the presenter introduces a new feature called Member Tagging that allows for effective communication and collaboration between team members using Salesmsg. This feature enables users to tag individual members or the entire inbox, including members who are not on that inbox temporarily for assistance. There is also a New Mentions view to help users stay on top of all their mentions in multiple conversations, allowing for more effective communication and collaboration.

Hi everyone. In this video, I want to walk you through a recent addition to Salesmsg that will help you have effective communication and collaboration between your team members who are using Salesmsg, and that feature is Member Tagging. So right now, if you navigate to any Salesmsg conversation and switch to Notes, you have the ability to tag other members who are on the inbox, or everybody on the inbox to notify them or ask a question or provide feedback. So as I said, you can either tag individual members or if you have multiple members on that inbox servicing those conversations, you can also tag everybody by just simply typing at Inbox. If you are the owner of the inbox, you can also tag members who are not on that inbox. Let's say you need, um, temporary help from somebody outside the department or outside the team. You can still tag them. And what you can do right there from within the conversation is if you choose to do so, you can temporarily add them m as a member and then remove them later so that they get notified and give you the help you need. Now, for you, if you're being mentioned in multiple conversations, it's very easy to stay on top of all your mentions by using the New Mentions view, which will give you all the conversations that you were mentioned in. That way, you can effectively reply to all the questions or follow ups that you need to do. So I hope this helps you have better coaching opportunities better communication between your team members of the Salesmsg without having to leave the platform. Thanks so much and let us know how else we can improve the future for you.
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