Make Calls Form Hubspot

Salesmsg calling is now natively integrated into HubSpot. You can now follow up with your leads without switching between applications.


The video is an announcement about a new native integration of Salesmsg calling into HubSpot. HubSpot users can now select Salesmsg as their calling provider, use their Salesmsg number to place calls to HubSpot contacts, and view all their calling activity in the timeline. The author invites feedback for further improvements.

Hello. Hi everyone. So since we added Calling to Sales Message, we have been adding constant improvements to the product. The latest one is a big one for our HubSpot users and that is the native integration of Sales Message calling into HubSpot. So right now if you go into HubSpot, you have the ability to select Sales Message as your calling provider. Once you do that, you can use your Sales Message number or one of your Sales Message numbers to place calls to your HubSpot contacts. So once you do that, uh, obviously you'll be able to reach out to them directly from HubSpot without going back to Sales Message. But also all your calling activity will be shown here in the timeline. You'll be able to add uh, notes and stay up to date. So we hope you really like it and let us know how else we can improve calling. Thank you.
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