Learn how to use SMS and Video to grow your business.


The video is a webinar featuring Million-Dollar Realtor and Loan Officer Deryck Cheney and Alex Khodadad. Justin Zimmerman is the host of the webinar. The video starts with a poll to gather feedback from the attendees to tailor the webinar accordingly. Justin then introduces himself, the fantastic guests, and the campaigns that will help the attendees put down their phone and find a better way to enjoy real estate and life. He gives a shoutout to Keeping Current Matters, bomb, Salesmsg, and Naea Crew, and informs the attendees about the CRM usage statistics. Justin then moves on to the big problem, which is that people are working too hard, stressed out, and spending too much time with work, not enough time with their family. He discusses the success stories of Stacy Van Rosendahl and how she was able to achieve success by using email, texting, and campaigns that helped her replicate herself. Justin then discusses the tools that the attendees will learn to use in the webinar, including Salesmsg, keeping current matters, and Bomb. The video aims to teach the attendees how to use video, email, and SMS to automatically build trust with new leads, how to use SMS to get leads to text back to them, and how to generate leads, book appointments, close deals, and follow up with customers and clients to generate referrals. Justin then introduces Alex Khodadad, who shares his story of getting into real estate in 2005, his struggles during the market crash, and how he built his name in the community by doing foreclosure prevention events. Alex then talks about how he started his own team in 2013 and how he became a coach with Jared James Enterprises to teach agents across the country how to build teams. Next Alex and Deryck talk about their backgrounds and how they've built their businesses while still having time for their families. Alex discusses how he created a Facebook group to support local restaurants and built campaigns inspired by the book "Conversion Code" by Chris Smith and "The Four Disciplines of Execution." These campaigns help him follow up with leads and constantly be in front of them with valuable content. Deryck shares his story of building his tennis coaching business to thrive without him and applying the same principles to the mortgage business, building systems to do the activities he knew he needed to do, but knew he wouldn't do. He then combined his passion for coaching and the mortgage business and now helps loan officers build world-class businesses. Both Alex and Deryck emphasize the importance of having systems in place to build and run successful businesses while still having time for their families. In part three of the video, the speakers discuss the importance of providing valuable content to potential clients in order to build trust and create opportunities for communication. They recommend using email to deliver content, but also acknowledge the potential value of using text messaging. The speakers highlight the benefits of automating certain aspects of client follow-up to save time and increase efficiency. They stress the importance of breaking free from limiting beliefs and creating automatic systems around repetitive tasks. The speakers discuss Salesmsg as a platform for automated text messaging, and emphasize the value of using KCM content to address the fears and anxieties of potential clients during the home buying process. The video continies with an explanation of the results that can be achieved by implementing the long-term nurture sequence and automated text messaging system discussed. The speakers discuss the importance of implementing various systems to achieve success in business. They talk about how small wins and compounding effects can result in significant gains in the long run. They emphasize the need to prioritize important tasks over urgent ones and recommend the book "The Four Disciplines of Execution." They also mention the value of studying successful businesses like McDonald's, which built a world-class business on systems alone. The video then goes on to provide a five-step guide on how to use Salesmsg, a two-way texting platform, to communicate with clients effectively. The platform features multiple numbers and inboxes, custom fields, and filters that allow for targeted and personalized messaging. The speakers also highlight the team-sharing and group messaging features of Salesmsg. Finally, they mention the importance of setting away messages and reminders to manage communication effectively. Conversation focuses on how to separate personal and business lives using tools such as auto-reply texts and business phone numbers. Deryck emphasizes the importance of creating a boundary for work hours and suggests starting by being unavailable after 9:00 p.m. He and Alice also discuss the benefits of using Salesmsg, a two-way conversational texting tool designed for businesses. They also mention the various campaigns and tools offered by Keeping Current Matters and the importance of contributing value to the community. Towards the end of the discussion, they open the floor for Q&A and clarify that Salesmsg can be used both on mobile and desktop devices. In part 6 of the video, the speaker discusses the pricing plans for Salesmsg Pro, which is available in both monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly plan costs $35 per month and provides 750 message credits per month, while the annual plan costs $350 per year and provides 7,500 message credits per year. The premium plan costs $300 per month and provides either 7,500 message credits per month or 90,000 message credits for the year. The speaker also explains that Salesmsg integrates with HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Keap/Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, and many other apps through Zapier. Lastly, the speakers emphasize the importance of teams and technology in the real estate and mortgage industries and recommend reading the books Four Disciplines of Execution and Conversion Code.

Everybody, welcome to how to instantly increase sales without working more hours. The webinar featuring Million Dollar Realtor and Million Dollar Loan Officer Deryck Cheney and Alex Khodadad. We're really excited to be here. We put a lot of work and time into making this happen for you guys. And so uh, as you come in, I see we're getting, we're getting 70, 80, 9100 people coming in right now. There's a poll popping up for you. It's a little bit of uh, a feedback for us on how to quite possibly tailor this webinar a little bit more to you. So thank you for answering that right now. And so as people start to pop in, you can also use the chat feature. Uh, if you're not familiar with zoom, just look down towards the bottom for the little chat icon and give us a little hello, where are you from? What's going on? As more and more people start to pour in here, I don't want to get started too soon because, well, people show up a little bit late, they might have a closing. Everybody knows how it goes. Twelve, uh, o'clock means twelve, 512, six, uh, in real estate time. And so we're all familiar with that right now. I'm Justin Zimmerman, I'm going to be your host. And in a couple of minutes I'm reintroducing myself. Why we're here, what we're going to learn, of course, our fantastic guests who have a ton of experience to share with you the campaigns that help them put down their phone, help you put down your phone, hopefully so you can find a better way to not only enjoy real estate, but enjoy your life. And I think that's one of the big themes underlying today. I uh, want to give a little shout out to keeping current matters. Thank you so much for helping support this webinar. Of course, uh, bomb, bomb being one of the tools that we're going to talk about. Salesmsg, our company, the two way texting platform. And then if you're part of the Naea crew, j kinder shout out to you. Shout out to everybody over there. Kinder. Uh, Reese. John Kitchens. Just want to make sure I get all the little salutations out there before we get going. And so um, let me kick it off right now and give uh, us a little bit of a pause here on the pole and we'll keep that going. Well, yeah. So um, we're asking, hey, what CRM do most of you guys use? And ah, 73% so far do not have any sort of CRM. Isn't that interesting guys? Um, I figured that's going to be a big part of, uh, what's going to matter in today's conversation. I've got a little special spot at the end where even if you don't have a CRM, uh, you can accomplish some of the things that we're doing today. We've got 7% of you guys are using HubSpot, 3% of you guys using ActiveCampaign 2% using Infusionsoft and Keap. And uh, lastly, uh, Salesforce, I got about 4% and uh, 13% of you um, aren't using a, uh, CRM, sorry, others are 72% and uh, 12% are you guys um, aren't using one. All right, we're getting to about 100 and 6374 people here on the show. So um, I'm going to kick it off and get us going into uh, the meat of things for today. Uh, officially. Everybody. Welcome to today's Webinar. This is a non techie guide to you using video, email and SMS so you can instantly increase your sales without working more hours using the tools shown on the screen. Keeping current matters a content tool that allows you to have done for you content Salesmsg, a two way texting platform, and of course, bomb a video email. I've got some fantastic guests as you can see here. Alex and Deryck who'll be doing some introductions of themselves in a couple of minutes. But I first want to make sure that uh, you get a little bit to know about me and who I am. Uh, I am the Director of partnerships here at SalesMessage. And uh, one of the things I do on a day to day basis is I'm always listening and looking for customers who are using other tools and services and combining them together to get better results. And so when I did my job, uh, I came across some tools. I'm going to demonstrate um, to you in a couple of seconds. But uh, one fun fact about me before we get on and moving forward to the big problem is, uh, I've run actually 1000 days in a row, running a five K a day, and just uh, like to share that with people because it's about discipline, it's about mindset. And I know that uh, Deryck has some things he's going to share with you on that subject in a little bit when we get to his section. So let's jump into uh, the big problem here. All right, so the big problem, um, like I said, I interview our customers and I'm always looking for unique stories or combinations of how people are using our tools and services. And as I researched over and over and over again, I heard a, ah, common theme repeat itself. People were working too hard, they were stressed out, they were spending too much time with work, not enough time with their family. Their phones were constantly in their hands. Some of them were making a lot of money, some of them weren't making any money at all. Uh, but one of the common denominators I found in those who are making a lot of money and eventually achieve the success that I think you're here to listen to and acquire today was that they found a way to put systems in place that free themselves from their phones, free themselves from their business. And uh, one of those people, just to quickly give you that story was a loan officer in the real estate space named Stacy Van Rosendahl. Hey Stacy, if you're listening and watching this right now, uh, I hope you're here and getting, uh, a kick out of this. And so, uh, what I learned about her was that she was a one woman show who used to do everything without systems. She was doing 100 closings a year all by herself in her first year. And, well, as you can imagine, she got to the point where the success was starting to be failure and her personal health started to go down. She was working 07:00 a.m., um, to 09:00 P.m. Every day. And she had to say to herself, there has to be a better way. And these are her stories and these are words, is that once she finally found email, which was an email video tool, Salesmsg, texting, and put them together into a campaign, she was able to do things that allowed her to replicate herself. Um, in her words, these tools do the least the job of two people full to two full time employees. And so what I hope to be able to share with you today is some slice of her success through Deryck and through Alex, who have their own approaches that you can borrow and take and put into your business. And so the tools that we're going to talk about today, they're going to help you achieve what states she achieved and what Deryck and Alex are going to show you. Our Salesmsg, which is our company, which is a two way texting platform, as I mentioned, that helps small teams call and text and manage those conversations, keeping, uh, current matters of course, which is the content tool that helps fuel the texting, that helps fuel, uh, the video emails. And so if you're in the real estate space, you're probably really familiar with keeping current matters they provide that done for you, like easy to read, easy to share approach. And if you're not in real, uh, estate, that's okay. Um, content is content. I've got some tools, some tips and suggestions for you, even if you're not in real estate, on how to get great content to share with your audiences. And then lastly, we've got Bomb. Bomb, the video email tool that helps make those connections and that personality, which we'll call it rapport building, come to life for you. And so if, uh, you're wondering to yourself, well, why are these tools providing so much success for the agents that, uh, who are using them? For people like Stacy, for people like Deryck and Alex, who are going to be talking about them, it's clear as day. Text, um, messaging has a 98% open rate. Uh, once you get somebody's telephone number, once you have permission to text with them, they're going to see your messages and you're going to be able to build on top of that. And then, according to bomb Bombs study, I think it was in 2018, using video email gives you a 77% lift in email engagement rates. And so, uh, for kind of the same reasons people love video, and YouTube is super popular, as people would rather hear something explain to them than read something explained to them. And so here's what we're going to do next. We're going to move on and learn three things today. One thing Alex is going to teach you. Another thing Deryck is going to teach you. And overall, this webinar is going to teach you the third and final thing. And so we want you to be able to walk away today with the understanding of how to use video, email and SMS. You can automatically build trust with new leads and convert them into appointments. The next thing we're going to run into with Deryck is how to use SMS to get your leads to text back to you even when they've gone cold. So that's like long term nurture. You're on a long sales cycle. If you're not in real estate, obviously some deals, uh, are going to take weeks and months. And so what do you do and how do you do it so you can stay relevant and top of mind, uh, throughout the sales cycle. And so Deryck has got some great both mindset and technology he's going to show you. And then finally, uh, regardless of whether you're in real estate or not, sales, um, process is sales process. You got to generate leads, you got to book appointments, you got to close deals and sales, and you got to follow up and communicate with customers and clients and generate referrals. And so we're going to cover portions of that. And so I want to make sure that those of you who are not in real estate go forward with the mindset is even though Deryck and Alex are going to be talking about things that are real estate specific, think sales process, think lead nurture, right? Think lead generation, think appointment booking and closings. And so with that said, I'm going to move on to just kind of one final thing of housekeeping before I bring Alex and Deryck on, is I know not everybody is a master in every single trait and every single skill. And that we've worked hard today to make sure that even if you're not a tech genius, if you're not good with video, you're not a fantastic copywriter or wordsmith or you just hate texting. The things that we are going to show you today are going to work for you. Because these are campaigns that work in any sales process. So let's bring out our guests. Thank you everybody, for allowing me the space to give you that introduction. And let's first jump to Alex, who is a million dollar M Commission earning realtor from California. And so I'd love to start with Alex. Give us your story. How did you get into sales and tell us a little bit about your business and how it's doing now. Thank you, Justin. Thanks for inviting me on. I appreciate it. So first, um of all, I hope everybody's doing well. Um, yeah, I got into real estate in 2005. Ah. Uh, actually, I used to be a tax auditor for State of California. This is way late. Ninety S. And then I went ahead and I got my CPA. And one of my good friends, um, he actually worked at our firm. Um, and he reached out to me one day and he said, look, I'm going to be leaving and I'm going to get into real estate. And I go, really? Why real estate? He goes, Because it's considered legalized mafia. And I never forget that term. He said legalized mafia. I said, what, because you're going to make so much money? So. Anyways, I debated. I waited a few more years. And then in 2004, I went ahead and I just dived and I went and got my broker's license. Got involved in 2005, had a really good year. I got involved in November of 2005. I had a really good year. And six, seven and then the market crashed. And then the market crashed. And then for the next five years, what I did was kind of struggle. But, um, the fact that I saw the whole foreclosure, we started doing foreclosure events, helping a lot of folks save their home. So I built my name in the community. And, uh, the thing that I always say to Justin, always be the honey and not the bee. So I said, I need to come from contribution. What can I do for my community, right? So I got involved, started doing these foreclosure prevention. Didn't charge any money. Brought in all these government agents, the Hut counselors, bankruptcy attorneys, and I built my name within the community. And then in 2013, when things were turning around, that's when I decided that I wanted to start, um, my own team. I wanted to start building a team. And you know, there's a good old saying to say, you know, you can have five Navy Seals or 50 soldiers. I didn't want to build a big firm. I didn't want to have 50 agents or 100 agents. But I wanted to bring people on that were loyal, hungry and humble. And that's what I did. So in 2013, when I started building the team, we were able within two years, um, being the top 5% in the Bay Area, we did really well. And, um, it was only like five agents. That's it. Actually, right now, I'm still only have five agents. And a lot of folks want to join our team, but they just don't fit within our model. So then, um, in 2015, or I think it was 2016, um, I said, you know what, I want to give back even more. What else can I do? So I became a coach uh, with an, um, enterprise in the east coast. It's called Jared James Enterprises. I became one of their coaches and I started coaching agents across the country how to build teams. That was my passion, teaching them how to build teams. And I've been doing that for the last five years or so. And then, um, last year, um, when, uh, we went into lockdown with COVID again, I actually sat right here. And then I said, I, um, think I'm going to do something else for our community. What else can I do? Then I created a Facebook group to support our local restaurants. It's called in and around Pleasant Hill. Food and drinks. And we were able to, uh, accumulate over 13,000 members. And not only has it been a wonderful thing for the community, but it's been great for our business also, too. So throughout all these years while I was building my team, um, there was a book that I read by Chris Smith, is called Conversion Code. And in the book it talks about marketer scheduler closer. And a lot of folks, they're out there, either they're marketing or maybe they're scheduling, or maybe, hopefully they're out there closing. Um, but when you're a one man show or one woman show, there's only so much you can handle before the whirlwind takes over. And for me, after reading that book, and then, um, there was another book called The Four Disciplines of Execution. After reading these two books, they both inspired me to take the business to the next level. And that's why I needed to have the right tools. That's why I got, I already had a CRM, but I got involved with Bomb. Bomb. I got, uh, keeping current matter. And then the last few years, obviously we have our message SMS system also too. And that's I call that my mini Isa. Um, that works for me 24 hours a day, doesn't complain, and it's broad wonder. So, uh, me, I'm a father of two. Um, I got married in 2010. I have two kids. I come to work at 10:00, I leave by 03:00. I only work about 5 hours a day. The rest of the time, either I'm with my kids or I'm out. Um, uh, you know, just coaching, talking to my students across the country. But literally, honest to god, I probably work about 5 hours a day. And we've done well this year. We're already close to 40 million in business. I'm happy and I just want to have a life. I just turned 50 a couple of months ago. And my passion is my family. But I work out a lot too. I exercise pretty much every day except Sundays. Um, but these systems have truly helped me, um, especially in the last three, four years, to really have that quality time. Because I see agents that are top producers, but they're miserable because they don't have systems in place and they want to do everything themselves, and they don't want to have a team. So that's what I do as a coach. I teach people to, like, look, you need to build teams, and obviously you need to have the right systems in place, too. So that's my story. Justin, that's a fantastic resume. Uh, did everybody get that? And so I think the big highlights for us right now is the part of the campaign that you're going to show us in a couple of minutes, really help support the front end, lead end, acquisition and appointment setting that lets you, like you say, act as your Isa. And so I'd love to jump over to Deryck and, uh, Deryck, I know you and I had talked quite a bit before this, and I want to make sure that the audience listening to you right now gets a full, clear understanding, because clarity is one of your super skills. You know how important it is. I've learned how important it is to you, and that how you are. We're a million dollar earning loan officer who now coaches loan officers and realtors to build world class businesses so they can have the freedom to enjoy their lives without feeling like a slave to their business. And so if you could give us a quick brief on you, uh, your history and a fun fact, and then we can jump into the campaigns. Sure, man. Um, my story starts all the way back as a kid. My dream as a kid was to play professional tennis, which is really my fun fact as well. Um, so when I graduated college, I gave it a go, uh, to support myself. Uh, I started a tennis coaching business. And right from day one, I started it like this. I had to figure out a way to build that business that it could thrive without me, because I needed to train and travel to have even a remote shot of ever playing. Um, so when I was 29, I finally played in a real professional tournament. Uh, anybody that's on here? Washington, DC. The leg mason tennis classic. Uh, I lost 662 in the first round. Um, but I played and I achieved my dream, and it took me seven years to do it. Um, right then, we had our first child. So my wife was like, do you think you need to get a real job now, buddy? Uh, I jumped into the mortgage business, and I built that business the same way because I'd had seven years now of running a business that could thrive without me. And I built it the same way from day one. Um, I was building systems to do the activities that I know I needed to do, but I knew that I wouldn't do. And, uh, that helped me build a world class business. And in that one, I did it because it's exactly what Alex just said. I was so committed. I wanted to be a great dad. I wanted to be a great husband, I wanted to have the time, I wanted to enjoy my life as well in there. And I knew it was possible to build a business and still have a life. So in 2010, I actually had my best year ever, 111,000,000. And I will tell you, 2008 wasn't fantastic. But even when you build systems and you do the things the right way, even in the worst downturns, you can still have great years. Because what I didn't know at the time is that 82% of the loan officers got out of the business. So just by the sheer fact that I was in and had systems from m 2010 to 2013 were just outstanding years. And that, uh, enabled me to retire in 2013. And what I did is I combined my two passions. So I love coaching, I loved helping people, and I love the mortgage business. I think it's one of the coolest businesses in the world. There's no other business where you can make an impact like we can and make great money at the same time, except probably for the real estate business, right, what Alex is talking about as well. So now we help loan officers build world class businesses so that they don't have to sacrifice in the other areas of lives. And that's really my message for you guys. I promise you. You can have it all. Um, Justin, I'm not even sure if she told you, but Stacey is a client of ours and her story is very, uh, dear to my heart as well, because, um, everything that she said in there is absolutely true. And one of the tools that we helped her set up and we did with her is Salesmsg and it's been an outstanding thing for her. And it's really amazing now to be able to watch someone produce at a crazy high level, that she's doing it out and she enjoys her lives as well. So that's me. That's my story, man, I didn't know. That and I really wish I knew that. I didn't think you did know that. Right? When I saw you put that up there, I was like, I thought she didn't know that she was a client. Was all that means is that we got the right person, the man behind, right? So, hey, there we go. Uh, a little blessing there for us all. So let's move on right now to, uh, our first little segment here where Alex is going to jump into building trust and converting new leads. He calls it being the honey and not the bee. He talked about that before. Uh, Alex, I'm going to bring up on the screen right now for you some screenshots I took, um, of some campaigns inside your system. Uh, I know that there have been some updates to it, and so if you could, where necessary, uh, talk and walk us through, um, those steps, text, email, and the things that are inside of them. So let's jump into that right now. Um, after reading that book, Conversion Code by Chris Smith, um, it inspired me to really create, um, campaigns. Now, I know with some other CRM, they call them smart plans, um, because you're not always able to get a hold of the consumer, that person that's reached out to you. Or maybe you just need to, uh, try to be in front of them as much as possible. So we have this ten day touch. The first day with obviously calling, texting, um, sending out, um, uh, uh, uh, maybe an email. And then sometimes we may even see if we can get them through the social media. And some folks, um, um, they will reach out to you, but maybe they're not ready that day. Maybe you got to constantly be able to follow up. And one thing that I really liked about that book was that the fortune is in the follow up. You got to follow up. You think you're bothering them, but you're not. And if you are, there's a good old saying I like, what Jarrett, um, the head of the coaching, uh, company, he always says, he says, the consumer is going to give you one of the two fingers, right? Either is this, but I'm not going to show you the other one. So as long as they're not giving you the other one, you just keep following up. And this is what we did, and we put together the systems to be able to constantly be able to get in front of them. And that's what, um, these campaigns do. That's what my mini Isa does. Um, just to constantly be in front of them by trying to get hold of them. But typically, the first three days, it's either a call, text, um, and an email. Then obviously a video goes out. But the first video is a face of us. Like, it just says, hey, thank you so much for reaching out on Realtor.com. I'm here for you. If you have any questions, please reach out so they can see your face, right? And then obviously, after three days, then the campaigns kick in. And one of the struggles that Realtors have are content. They don't know what to say. Like, what do I say? Like, if I want to leave a message or if I want to make a video, what do I say? Well, all you got to do is go to keeping current matter and look at their content. And they have content, like five steps of buying a house, three steps of selling your home. Take that content and make it more local. Some of that content is general. Like, you can use that content anywhere in the country. But some of it, obviously, you would want to make it a little bit more local. But it all starts first with them seeing you. And then when you do make a content. Like if you look on the slide, um, are we in the next bubble or whatever? Then I'll make a quick video and say, hope everybody is doing well, there's room around there. Are we going to be in the next bubble? Well, click on the link below and then you'll have that thing in the bottom. So when they click on it, we capture that and we know that they've actually seen that video also too. And then of course, they see that content. So I'm leveraging keeping current meter to help me. Obviously I have Bomb, bomb, I have Kcm and both of them are able to help me with that. So that's why um, content is a struggle for a lot of realtors. So Kcm would be a perfect place for you to be able to look at that content. Go through the content at the end of, uh, every one of these, um, posts, uh, that Kcm does in the bottom, they have what's called a highlight. Just look at the highlight and there's like really quickly a highlight on, say, selling your home. And there might be a three point talk about that. Don't get too detailed because people don't want to be on there making a three minute video. These videos should be no more than like 20 to 25 seconds long. And say, for more information, click on the link below. Alex, can I jump into, uh, verbalizing a recent example of this? And so if I understand you correctly, to, uh, stay connected with your new leads. After three days, you start the Honey campaign. You start on the Honey campaign. Depending on whether or not they are a buyer or seller, is going to depend on whether or not you use buyer or seller content, uh, from Kcm. And so if you could just recollect for me a, uh, recent video that you created using this method. And uh, what did you say? And um, what were the steps that you took to get it sent to your, uh, leads? So usually after you introduce yourself and then three days later, you kind of put on that lenders hat and you say, here are the five process that you need to do to be able to qualify. Like a lot of people, they don't understand that they need to get pre approved first. They'll call us up and say, hey, can you go and show me houses? Well, if you're educating them because we can't assume that the consumer knows everything, they don't. You think they do. You think they understand everything because they have a smartphone and that they're just going to say, hey siri, what is the five process? But it doesn't work like that. That's your job. That's why you go from being a salesperson to becoming a consultant. So what you do is you say, here are the five steps, what you need to do when you're buying a home, right? Like you need to get. Pre approved first, and you could talk about that. And maybe the next video could be like when you are looking for a home, these are the do's. And don'ts, don't go buy a car when you're trying to buy a house, right? Don't open up new credit cards when you're trying to buy a house. Like, you're giving that honey, you're giving that content. You're giving that value to them. So now they're seeing this and they're like, my god, this person is giving me information, good information that I can use. So that's why the first video would be about you introducing yourself. And after that, it's about content related to something that's going to be relevant that they can take advantage of, right? And then obviously, hopefully, you're hoping that eventually, if you haven't been able to get a hold of the first three days by call, text, or email, that they'll see these videos and they'll see your personality and they'll say, you know what, I feel comfortable with this person. And before they call you, they're going to Google your name. Like if you Google Alex coderd, you're going to see over 305 star reviews online, like our online presence. You will see all the sales that we go to Zillow. You see all of our sales. People will do their homework. But you got to start out by giving that content to them. So when they feel comfortable, then they're going to hopefully reach out to you. Got a good question here for you. Uh, John Hayes asks, are you sending these videos by text or by email? By email. With text. You can do it with text. We do it with email. So we don't try to bombard with a lot of different so with us, we send it through email. And at the end of, uh, our set of presentations, I actually have a cool demonstration of how we can use text to send some of these things out for those of you who see the value of text as we go forward. All right, so, um, if, uh, you could give us a little wrap on the results you've seen with this process. The result is we've doubled our business. That's the result. But more than that, um, Justin, like I said earlier, I'm a father, I got two kids, I love my wife, and quality of time is everything for me, right? So this has the leverage. One, I have a team, I have a team of five agents. So when a deal comes in, obviously, once we're able to set that appointment, it goes back again. To what marketer scheduler? Closer again, please read that book by Chris Smith. Right? That scheduler is like setting that appointment for that agent. And then once we set that appointment, that agent is out there showing houses. Like, my assistant is setting up those appointments. The Isa is communicating with that consumer, right. And to be able to leverage. So the result is me having more time to spend with my wife and kids. I don't want to be one of those parents that my son's going to be 20 years old, and I'm going to say, wow, that went really fast. I wonder what happened. Right. That's not me. I'm there in both of their lives. I don't want to have any regrets. I was raised by a single mom, and I promised myself that my kids would never go through. My mom, God bless her soul, she was the best mother in the world. But I was raised without a father, so I promised myself my kids would not go through what I went through. So that's why these systems are helping me with my own personal life, obviously, and on top of, uh, production and business and everything else. That's great. Thank you. Alex and I've got some questions coming in we're going to save towards the end. So I'd like to move on to, uh, Deryck. I just want to make sure that, uh, Sabina and Nadia and Tara know that I see their questions, and we're going to get to those a little bit later. Keep the flow going here. And let's get on to Deryck, who is the master coach here? Who's the guy behind, uh, well, my example of Stacey Van Rosenthal, who's the inspiration for today's webinar. And so, uh, Deryck, why don't you talk to us about how to automatically get those leads to text you that long term nurture sequence we talked about the house hunting sequence. For those of you who are not in real estate, you can think of this as a long term sales follow up process. And so, uh, let's jump into the psychology, the mindset, and then the technology of that. Yeah. So, guys, let me give you the real secret to what I was talking about, um, in the beginning, about building a business that can thrive without you. There's r1 big secret. I'm going to give it to you right now. If you pay attention to what you do all day, you spend a majority of that day doing the exact same things on each individual client, okay? That activity takes energy from you that you could be using elsewhere in more productive, sales oriented activities. Or as Alex said, you might want to work out and spend time with your families right there. So people do this because we're saddled with a belief, and I call it a limiting belief that we need to do all those things personally, or our clients won't feel served and they won't refer us and they won't come back. That is not true. We have tested it now for years. I've been building businesses like this for a long time. It is not true. And that belief is what enslaves us to our phones and our laptops. 24/7. It's the fear that if we don't do it personally, that it's not going to get done correctly, or they're not going to like us or they're not going to use us again. It's not going to please them. And what we really get into in our coaching is learning how to serve your customers, not just please them. Um, and to break free from this kind of mindset, all you have to do is identify the things that you repeatedly do on each individual client and create automatic systems around that. If you do that right, your client will still feel served with absolute excellence and they will become a raving fan that refers their friends and family without you having to lift a finger. Okay, so what we do in our coaching is we help. There's two components and Justin, I've been talking a lot with you about this here. There's the mindsets around it. I'm sure Alex knows that where you have to work with people around their mindsets so they get that that's the big one. That should be a light bulb for a lot of people right there. And then we help people hold their hands. If you're not a tech person and we help you create in the mortgage business, there's eleven proven automatic systems that you can employ that will turn you into a high producer that still has time on their hands. And I'm going to share with one of those that we use and this is the one that we specifically use with Salesmsg. Um, loan officers. You guys all know this to be true. We do a lot of pre approvals, especially in the last 18 months. And then those pre approvals disappear into the ether. Some come back to us and some don't. And the ones that don't, maybe we hear later that they met another lender at a party or their parents made them shop and get quotes from a couple of different people or God forbid, they go to a new home builder. And now they're using the in house lender because of all the incentives. Um, all you have to do is have a simple, very easy follow up system that will give you so much of your time back because it will be talking to them on text for you. Um, the best that most people do, at least from what I've seen with clients, is if they remember they write an awkward email. Something like, hey, just checking in to see how your home shopping is coming along. It's about as good as we can do. Um, but based on let me go into it too before I go into the results, is we call this the house hunting campaign. Now this is all the tech behind it that you're looking at right now. So this is a bunch of gobbledygook to you. I understand. Um, Justin, I think you have a slide with the text on it. Do you, do we have that? Yeah. There you go. So that's the back end. So if you like all the tech stuff behind it, that's the back end, this is the front end. That's an automatic text right there. Going out to a client. Hey there, how's the house hunting coming along? We're still looking great. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Have an awesome day. And so we build these campaigns that go out every 48 to 72 hours when they're in the house hunting category. Um, if you're building your own guys, these are fantastic things that Alex is talking about right now. Video works really well in that kind of uh, context as well. Um, Kcm content works in there. We build it as more of like a customized personalizing your own language so that it really looks like it comes from you. Which takes a little bit of time, being honest with you. That's why we do it in coaching. But um, you can do that too. The easy way, let me tell you how to do it guys, is just go look at your phone. What do you say when somebody's in house something? What do you do? What do you keep doing over and over again? Duplicate that. Create that into a personalized automated system. And um, it's unbelievable. As I said, that's one of the eleven that literally gives them the freedom that they know that everybody's getting served in there. And you can also stay in contact with your agents too during this phase, right? And you can set up automatic things. So if the deal is going through Alex right now, Alex, I would probably say, hey, do you have your permission to send you an automated text? Alex? Is that cool? Awesome. Um, and then I would put him in there. I would create those in there. How's it going on the Johnson file? And then Alex sends me back and Alex is going, wow, I have a lender that's actually super responsive in there. And here's the deal. I'm outside running right there. I get a text back that says Johnson's are on track. I just reply and say, awesome, let me know if I can do anything. And so you can create these things. And if you really get into it, you'll see that you do these on every file, but it takes freaking so much time that you don't need to do. Let me ask you a little probing question here about, you know, things more than most do about the tech side of building these things out. And when you were looking around to choose, ah, a texting platform, obviously you just didn't say, hey, Salesmsg. Boom. Um, one and done. You looked around. And so maybe if you could jump into what it is about texting, uh, with Salesmsg versus maybe using your phone or uh, other programs out there. Why us? Why did you choose us to help put these into place for you? Well, there's a couple of components from a mindset perspective. One of the other things, as I said, there's a lot of limiting beliefs. One of the biggest limiting beliefs is we need to have our own personal phone number out there, we think. But that's been my phone number forever, and everybody has that. And I can't do that. You don't have a true business that can thrive without you unless you do something like a Salesmsg in there. Now, from Salesmsg, specifically, the reason we went with you guys shooting you straight, your customer service is great. You're super responsive to us. We build a lot of things in there that takes nuances. And we were back and forth. We're on with your tech department right now, and, uh, I got to meet them today, and they're just really responsive. And I can tell that you guys care. And that's a big deal for us. So for us, we need to be in business with people that care and want the best for their clients. And I know you guys do, and that's why we chose you guys. Well, I wasn't expecting such a warm hearted answer, but telling me the truth, brother. Thank you. So, um, let's move on to some kind of last pieces here from your. Let me go into the result really quickly. I don't know if you have that. In the that's coming up next. We got one more slide. Okay. Yeah. I just would love a little quick verbal on you. Kind of talked about it real quickly, but Kcm content in general, like we said, we're talking about long term follow up sequences here. Uh, if you could give some advice to those who want to structure a long term sequence with content, in this case, Kcm M content, uh, what would you tell them to put where and what to say? Well, that's an outstanding question. Honestly, I wouldn't go too far past what Alex said in there. We have the same client who have the same thoughts and fears. And everything that Alex was saying was absolutely correct. The more that you set yourself up as somebody, uh, that's a consultant to them, I think you use that language, the better you're going to do in that deal. So what you can do with Salesmsg is inside. If you're building, as I say, I'd get very specific. Like, this is a house hunting one. If you're building one in there, I would take the Kcm content that supports the fears and the anxieties of the person that's going through the house hunting phase. Right. So in the past 18 months, you've seen them have, uh, lose a lot of contracts, at least it's all over the nation. So what's something to keep them motivated, to keep them in the game? What's something they also have a fear that we're in a bubble if we don't get this right now. There's a market crash and all these type of things. So I'd be using the Kcm content that counters that. That talks about the low inventory and the reason why, um, uh, millennials are buyers, and they've waited a little bit longer than other generations, but now they're full force in there. I'd talk about the interest rates with any Kcm content. I don't know if they got it from yesterday, but the Fed just came out and said that we're going to keep buying bonds and we're going to keep interest rates low. I would be absolutely all over, um, making sure everybody sees that as well in there during those phases. So in the house hunting phase, you're keeping people motivated. You're keeping people, um, you're almost like a coach in that scenario, right? You have to keep them positive. There's a lot of negativity in that house hunting phase. So you have to get into the psychology of the buyer in that deal. Right now, they're beat down, they just lost three contracts. Are they ever going to get their house? They don't think they will. So help them out in those type of, um, context. Does that make sense? Yeah. Thank you. Deryck, I'm going to jump to the slide you were ready to hit up. And so, um, in your estimation, what's the value of solving this home buyer long term nurture sequence that you've created for your clients and customers with Salesmsg texts? So what we did is we pulled and we pulled the clients that serve greater than ten families a month. So 120 families a year. So we pulled those clients, and this was their words on it, uh, is their words were, we get about one extra client a month than we normally would when you have a defined follow up system after the pre approved process, and that's been over the last twelve months. So if you take it depends where you are in your commissions and loan amounts and all that stuff. But let's just say if it was $3,000 that you made on a deal, that over the course of, uh, a year, that's $36,000. Over the course of ten years, that's $360,000. So when you start putting all these various systems into play and you can see the compound effect of all the systems, when you do it correctly, that's how these people when you hear we talk about world class businesses and still having lives, they do all the systems, they employ this stuff, and you can see it really makes a big difference. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I know you kind of had, uh. Can I step in for a second? Just say something. Sure. So, Deryck, I like what you were saying earlier about that one little secret, like watching the things that you're doing on a daily basis, activities with the client, that book that four disciplines of Execution that I talked about, which, um, I highly recommend people read, it actually talks about that. They call it the whirlwind. Finally, what happens is we can't understand, um, the difference between what's urgent and what's important. Our whole day becomes urgent, and we never have enough time to work on what's important. So that's why that book that's another book that truly changed the way I think. And it actually goes back to what you were saying earlier. You got to watch what you're doing and understand the difference between urgency and important, or you're going to get sucked into that world when Big Time 100%. Because the appraisal comes in low. You got to deal with it right now. Right. You're not worried about the person you said the pre approval for? That's why that's just human psychology. Right. Of course. You got to jump on that appraisal right now. So, um no, you're absolutely right, man, too. Uh, you know what I did when I was doing the tennis business back then, that helped me out a lot as I studied McDonald's. The burgers are freaking terrible. But they had built this worldwide business just on the system. So when Ray Crock bought it from the McDonald's brothers, he bought the systems. He wasn't even buying anything else. And that was a big light bulb for me when I was trying to figure this out early on, when I was like, wait a second. They built a world class business internationally. Their burgers are terrible, but you can get a terrible burger still in Australia the same as you can get one in America, right? And so these systems and that became a big mantra for me, so I'll shut up. So I've got an example here for, uh, those of you who are not using a CRM or possibly using a CRM on how to accomplish some of the things that we talked about today inside of Salesmsg. I really like the example, actually, right now. You gave me, Deryck, about timeliness, uh, around the Federal Reserve and the bonds. And so I'm going to use that as an example and override the example I created. But before moving on, I know that you wanted to drop a link out there. So, uh, if people wanted to connect with you on some of the things that you're doing, you had a little spiel you wanted to put out there real quick. Yeah. Do you have a slide with our, um, Deryck Chinybackslash schedule? Do you have a slide with that? Uh, no, I don't. Okay. Uh, you can put it in the. Chat in the chat box. So, guys, this is what I would say. If you're the type, um, that likes to build systems like I do, I can absolutely highly recommend Salesmsg. Um, as I said, their customer support is fantastic. They've been super responsive. But, um, if you're a high achiever loan officer and you don't have the time to build it, and you're doing a lot of stuff, and we have a coaching program that holds your hands and helps guide you there, um, and I do invite you, if you're on this call, to schedule a call with us. We only take in a couple of each month. We are booked in September. But if you want to have a conversation with us, um, about if coaching would be a fit for you, I'll say it and put it in the chat box. It's www. Dot Deryck cheny. Comschedule. I spell my name super weird. Uh I didn't do it. My parents were hippies. But, um, it's www.deryckcheney.com schedule and I'll put it in the chat box right now. There you go. Thank you. Zane, right. All right, so now that you've heard and seen the value of SMS and video email and automation for both new leads, long term nurture client communications, I love to take a moment right now to show you some five easy steps on how you can use Salesmsg to take. Even if you don't use a CRM and all, there is a Salesmsg. How you can then deliver the honey as Alex talks about it. Uh, step number one, well, go record a video email. Uh, let's use the example right now that, uh, Deryck gave around the newest information, the newest news coming out around the Federal Reserve. I'm sure Kcm is going to publish something about that. And to use those bullet points, talk about how interest rates are going to stay the same or go lower, and what impact that might have on the, uh, buying process and home prices. It's probably a 32nd to 92nd video. Uh, in front of you, you see, uh, three options that you can use to record that video bomb, which is the tool that a lot of agents are using, integrates Natively with Kcm. And so if you're a KCM member, go log in, look under native integrations or integrations and see how that works and connects. There's some videos on that, but also there's two other options, uh, Bonjouro and Dub. Uh, I personally know both of those other ones. What I like about Dub is that it actually also has a built in meeting calendar scheduler in it. So when you make those videos and you send them out in email when someone clicks and watches them, if your call to action also has a ah, book a Time With Me, if you make the video about booking A Time With You, it makes it really super simple and easy and combines a little bit of calendar with dub. And so go check that out. So, step one, go record that video email. Step two, you can come into Salesmsg and create a broadcast. And that broadcast, if you can see here on the screen, it says broadcast name. I just named it monthly kcm video email. You need to decide what an appropriate amount of communication is with your customers. Deryck and Alice have talked about that a couple of times already. Uh, once a month, once every two weeks. Make sure it's relevant. Make sure you have permission to communicate with these people. Um, and it'd be easy as coming in here and using the broadcast feature. Step two, uh, Salesmsg has a fantastic filtering system. So if you have first name, last name, area code, zip code, you can put custom fields in. Uh, you can use a tag such as new Lead, uh, past Lead, uh, Old Lead, New Customer, Old Customer, whatever your naming convention dictates. You can come in here and use those tags and then target your message, your content to those uh, audiences. Step uh four, which I'm going to give you a little bit more information about because this is a really cool, amazing feature, especially if you're a team or a brokerage, is that Salesmsg allows you to have multiple numbers in one account. And so let's just say you have five agents or five offices, or you have five ads running, or you have a marketing department, a sales department, a support department. You want a message to go out as one of those because that's either the right people to manage the incoming text back or that's just the right person. You can use Salesmsg and our multiple inbox multiple Numbers feature to then send those out. And so that would be step four. And then finally step five, super easy. Uh, come in here, write your message. Uh, as you can see here, we have both the ability to use M, the tokens to personalize with first name. You can then use emojis. We also have something I'll get into in a second called Can Messages. But as you can see, it's a super short, tiny text. As you can see, um, interest rates actually didn't go up. I was kind of anticipating they had might after yesterday's meeting, but uh, a simple targeted, relevant message to buyers. And then as you can see, there's the video link right there. And so once you get done with that, you can schedule the broadcast for later. You can send it now. We also have a great feature that allows you to throttle it out over, uh, a course of days. So that way if you have a big list and you don't want like dozens of replies back because that's what happens when you do this. That you can meter it out. So that way you or your team can handle those replies. Um, I'm going to jump right now before we get into questions, uh, and answers. The kind of final wrap of this is um, taking a look inside of Salesmsg a little bit more deeply. We've uh, talked a lot about it, but you really haven't had a chance to see it. And so if you're wondering, well, what is Salesmsg? What is two way texting? Why shouldn't I use my own phone, uh, versus some sort of app? I'm going to give you an opportunity to see what's in front of you right now. I'm going to pop over here and take you inside the Salesmsg app and give you a little tour. All right, so, uh, here we are. This is, uh, the Salesmsg app, um, full and full featured. Here we have at the top over here, this is where you can get a bunch of different numbers for your account, a bunch of different numbers for your team. You can have them by office, by agent, like I said, by ad type, by department. And so each person has their own number that they can send from, and they can then also, at the same time, manage those numbers. And so, if you're a boss or a manager, this gives you clear and easy access to see what's going on across your company and your teams. Um, using, uh, shared inbox number one, shared unified inbox here, number two. And then, um, I am looking for, uh, there we go, open. So you have a filter here that allows you to search for open, unread, uh, texts that come to you, texts that are unassigned, texts, uh, that are outbound and then closed, and ones that failed to send. And so another great feature, I think, that, uh, if you're building a team, uh, especially if you're in real estate and you want to scale and get the freedom that Deryck talked about, a lot of people start to hire assistance, and that's how you buy back time. And so one of the things that you can do with Salesmsg is that if you send out one of those texts, and let's just say you want to go on vacation, uh, you have the opportunity to assign this text to somebody under team. So that way, as Deryck said, it doesn't have to be you. There's this mindset that if you are to succeed, it has to be up to you. And this system, combined with having an assistant or teammates, uh, because a lot of real estate has shifted towards being team based, you can assign these back and forth across your team, across your assistance, so that way no contact gets left behind. Another, um, cool feature that we have recently rolled out over here is called Group Texting. And so let's just say you want to message, uh, everybody in a small group about a transaction or a small group of people on your team. You, uh, can come in here and highlight those individuals and put them all on a group text, which is different than a broadcast because a broadcast goes out individually. And so here's that broadcast feature I showed inside the slides earlier. Uh, it's really easy. Just come in here, click Broadcast. Like I was saying before Kcm, um, content, you would click filters and you would get all those different filters that you can choose from here, based on zip code and tag and name, however you want to, uh, do that. You would then choose one of the people that, um, your numbers are sharing from. You would write. That message, you could schedule it or, uh, send it now and makes it really easy to put content out on a regular basis. Right. So you could create five broadcasts for the next five weeks, record it, batch it, get it done. Um, another great feature I think a lot of real estate agents are going to appreciate, um, is just kind of the use of the MMS feature that we have available. Sometimes you want to take a picture of, uh, a property and send it to a couple of prospective buyers, uh, or you want to send it in a list of just sold campaign, uh, that's available to you as well. And so, um, before I think wrapping up here and bringing it back, i, um, think the next final step here is to see, um, what are your thoughts, uh, Alex and Deryck, what are some of your favorite features inside of here that you've seen and used? I like them all. I like the fact that if you're out of town or your Isa is not around and you need to switch to somebody else in the team. I love that feature. That's a great feature. Actually. Deryck, you know what? One thing I learned from Stacy that she said was a game changer for her, and this might be one of the most overlooked undervalued features of Salesmsg that she has all the time is underneath settings and that she has we, uh, have some new features rolling out. So pardon the, uh, pop ups here is that we actually have a way for you to set a, um, reminder, an away notice. I think we might have moved that around a little bit around organization settings, but there, um, is in here a way to can messages notifications? Yeah. Um, there was a way to actually set and there is a way to set. David, maybe you could help me find this. I know you're listening and watching right now, uh, where our, um, away message feature is. Yeah, Justin, it's under inboxes, and then you select your desired Inbox. Great. All right, so let's just say it's a department's inbox an individual's name. Uh, however you have them set up, you can come in here and then come underneath settings. And again, Stacey told me this helped her feel like she could put her phone down after five. She didn't have to have that. Oh, my God. I'm sitting with my family at dinner, and I need a response to this text because I want to provide world class service. And so she came in here and she told me about how she just used, um, some of these features here, and when she wants to be available available, and what she wants that auto reply text to look and sound like. So that way, based on, uh, her working availability, she feels like the people who are reaching out to her are getting some sort of personalized response back and so I thought that was really cool. I think I took yours right there, Deryck. That's my favorite one for you. That's your favorite. But look, you got it. We frame everything from trying to help people separate their personal lives, business lives. And again, our psychology as loan officers is if we're working on our own phone number, we have to look at our text because it could be our wives with an emergency about whatever. It could be our moms, whatever. And so we get tied to it. We even take it to bed and we got notifications and all that stuff. Um, but if you're going to have a real business, real businesses, real doctors and real dentists actually have they turn off that number. It's not their personal cell phone. Right. And it takes a lot of time. And again, Justin, that's what I was talking about with mindset. And that's why it's important when, um, we work with our clients, there's a lot of mindsets that helps them do that. Because out of fear, we think, because we think we're in the business of pleasing everybody, that we have to do that even after 09:00 p.m.. So you said 05:00 p.m.. Man, if we can get somebody to do it even after nine, it's a win sometimes. I'm not even kidding, right? But people feel like that they have to do it at eleven and twelve and that kind of stuff. And if you can be off nine to eight. So we start there. It depends where somebody is. And, uh, then we can start moving down after that. But, um, it's a really big deal. Yeah, thank you for bringing that up. And that would be a great question to find out how many agents I know we're kind of wrapping up things here, but how many agents listening, watching, really? How late do they answer texts for every hour? Tell the truth honestly. Uh, really, when do you turn it off? Because I think that is probably one of the new measures of success. It's not how much money you make, it's when can you stop working and spend time with your friends and family. Let me jump into sleeping out. But here's the deal. What if your kid's sleeping out? You got to keep the phone on. You've got to keep your text on, right? Like and so that's why it's important to have some of these, these other things in there. So it, it takes some time sometimes. Yeah, Sheila is telling us, uh, we got 09:00 p.m., 08:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. Yeah, so 09:00 P.m. Except for VIPs. I wonder what VIP means. Uh, Robert, uh, people are working way into the night. Um, I hope everyone got a good case of what's possible with text, video, email, and the different campaigns. And I want to make sure that if you got any value out of today's webinar and walk throughs that, you get a chance to try some of these tools that you heard here at a very discounted rate. These are not offered anywhere else. You can look over the Internet. No one's going to show you these prices and these deals. And so Chris, um, who's our CEO, uh, he's made a very generous offer here where anybody who's watching right now, between now and Monday, who signs up for their first month of Salesmsg, they're going to get 14 days free and 50% off, uh, the first month's amount. You must be saying yourself, well, how much is one month? Well, it's only $35 to start. And so that's off our baseline plan. Um, if you go to SMSG app, maybe, uh, David, you could pop that into the, uh, chat. That way people can click that. Uh, you're going to see the offer right then and there. But if you want to learn more about the product itself, uh, that one page. Uh, that is where the offer is. But that's not really where the explanation of what Salesmsg can, uh, do for you is. So you can pop around on Salesmessage.com and then come back to that link to take advantage of that 50% offer. And of course, our friends at Keeping Current Matters, who've helped made a lot of today's webinar possible, who provide, uh, that done for you content that can help you fill your texts, your broadcasts, help give you the right script to speak, make it simple and clear inside of a video email. Keeping, uh, Current Matters is also offered a fantastic deal. So if you're not yet a member and you want to be a member, or you want to try being a member, and you want to put some of these things together again, they've also made a 50% offer as well. So you can go to trykcm.com offer. I, uh, think it might be case sensitive. I don't know, maybe not. So maybe, Dave, if you could pop that in there as well, uh, you can head over and, uh, try Kcm free for 14 days and then also get 50% off your first month of Kcm M Pro as well. Um, so with that said, let's jump into some Q and A. I know we've got a little bit of A backlog here from, uh, some people, and, uh, I'm going to scroll up and, uh, let us see what we got going on here. So, uh, Dave, do you see anything that stands out that, uh, we, uh, should jump into? Let's see here. Any unanswered questions? Yes, the webinar is being recorded for those of you who, uh, wanted to know sales, um, message two, uh, way texting. Yeah, a lot of people think, well, doesn't my phone already do two way texting? Uh, yes, all cell phones already do two way texting. Uh, but as Deryck talked about today, to really grow and scale a business, you need to put your personal phone down and you need to get a business tool to help you put a number out there that separates you from your business and so you can look around. And not all business texting tools are two way conversational. You could look around, you might find things that are one way in, broadcasts, bulk texting. But not all of them are designed for conversations with customers, engagement with leads, the way Salesmsgs. So if you're going to use your cell phone and continue just a text from there, um, unless you have any really strong team needs, uh, you might not use Salesmsg. But if you're going to follow some of the advice and try to reach the levels that Deryck, uh, and Alice have talked about, larger, um, sales teams that use Salesmsg outside of real estate, bigger businesses, uh, you're going to need a texting tool. And, uh, if you're using ActiveCampaign, if you're using HubSpot, if you're using Keep, if you're using any of the major CRMs, we have a fantastic integration with them as well. We get a lot of compliments, of course, Deryckknows, uh, the power of that as well is that you can have all your contact history, all your tools, uh, flowing into one CRM. We make it really super easy to, uh, do that two way integration where you don't really upload any contacts and deal with any messy, uh, files. Um, one new cool feature I think we should talk about actually, while, uh, we wait for some of these, uh, additional questions to come in, is, um, a lot of texting companies don't also offer calling and dialing, uh, and texting from the same number. I know that sounds silly when you're looking at your phone. It's designed for that. But sales ah message does. Salesmen allows you to both call and text from the same number using, uh, a business tool that's not your cell phone. So if you go on vacation, if you want to assign it to both the calls and the text, that one number can be managed by other people than yourself, which is how you buy that time and how you buy that freedom. And I see Alex nodding his head at that. Um, would you guys mind kind of jumping through some of the names of the books again? I know we talked about conversion code. People are asking conversion code, uh, four disciplines of execution. Another book. Uh, the Chris Smith book. Um, does Alex only coach realtors? That's a question that we have coming up right now. Uh, yes, um, actually, ah, I'm part of, uh, Jared James enterprises during the east coast. And if you're interested, uh, you would just reach out to me. You can reach out to me on Instagram, alex dot coded ad or Facebook message, uh, me, and we'll connect and I'll connect you to our, um, corporate office and then we'll see if you're a good fit because, um, obviously we have 40 different coaches and, um, I've been there about five, six years now. Um, and if we're fit for each other, um, definitely. I love to coach you, but I'm very limited on how many students I take on, because, like I said, again, my family. But I usually take about six to seven students and no more than that. Um, and my passion is on team building, so I teach them team building. And, um, the whole thing about, um, honey, it's coming from contribution. Like I said earlier, I created that Facebook group. I've spent a lot of money on Facebook ads in the past. We got a ton of leads, but it didn't give me what I wanted. And then in the pandemic when I created that Facebook group, now we have over 13,000 members. And if you like, you can go and it's ending around Pleasant Hill. Food and drink. It's really put us on the map, because talking about being hyper local, um, but if you want coaching, send me a message and, um, I'll send you to our corporate office. And if we're fit right now, I actually have two spots open. And that's it. Uh, ah, if you were a good fit, absolutely. But it's only realtors. Um, no lending, anything like that. I only coach, uh, realtors. And I only coach realtors. I want to build teams. Okay. Good clarity on that. Thank you. And, uh, we've got a question here. Maybe, Dave, you could answer it. Justin Trinidad asks, does it cost more per additional number you have? It's salesmessage. Can you have multiple people have certain access just to those numbers? And so I think you know what he means there. And so if you want to pop on and explain that, that'd be great. Yeah, absolutely. So no matter the sales, mustard subscription members are going to be $10 a month if you pay monthly, or $100 a year if you're paying annually. And any member can be added to any other members inbox. So the inboxes are super flexible, and no matter where the important conversations are taking place, you can make sure the right person is there to respond. Great. Thank you, Justin. I hope that answers, uh, your question. Uh, another question we got from Carl Ward. Deryck, uh, I'm, uh, interested in how the video and SMS tools, uh, could work in a health and tennis club. Okay. I know that's not, like, maybe your bag. I definitely do not coach that. Yeah, but it does Vend diagram really well with you. Carl, that's a great question. Uh, I guess, uh, I'll leave it up to Deryck to see if that's something he wants to reach out to you, uh, about. Um all right, Cindy Small. So this is all done from your computer or your phone. Great question, Cindy. Um, so let's get the first step of this question right. It's about mindset and building a scalable business that allows you to have the freedom from your phone. And so the first step in doing that is getting a Salesmsg account. And that Salesmsg account then allows you or anybody on your team or virtual, uh, assistant to access, uh, those messages, handle those broadcasts, manage, uh, those clients and messages, uh, from both a computer and we also have a mobile app that allows almost for the same functionality that you get on your desktop. And so, yes, it's going to be on your phone, but it's no longer tied to only to your phone. Anybody who installs a Salesmsg, uh, mobile app for iOS or Android can have access and help participate in both the generation of leads, the management of clients and all of those things. So Cindy, I hope that answers your question. Dave, anything to add to that? No, nothing on my end. I think that was great. Okay, well, I've been listening to you, so I've been learning from the best, um, question, uh, from Andrea Thompson Marsh. Uh, she missed the introduction, so please help me understand the relationship between Deryck, Alex and Justin to Salesmsg. And so I'll give that to you really quickly. I'm, uh, Justin, I'm the partnership manager, and my job is to investigate, research and discover, uh, the other apps Salesmsg customers are using to achieve results. And so when I did that work, uh, I discovered they're using Bomb Bomb in Kcm, uh, content along with Salesmsg, to build systems, campaigns and tools that allow them to free themselves from, uh, the struggle and fear. And uh, as Deryck said, I didn't know this, but my inspiration for putting us all here together is actually one of his clients, Stacy Van Rosendal, who um, just achieved massive success. Not so much making more money, but working less and having the freedom. And so our, uh, relationship together is Deryck is a client of Salesmsg. He also helps agents, uh, uh, and loan officers who have a very specific mindset through a one year coaching program. I know I'm getting that right. You're smiling. Uh, he doesn't want to work with anybody, uh, and so he uses us along with a couple of other tools to build out those automated systems. Uh, Alex is a, uh, friend of ours as well as introduced to me, uh, by keeping current matters. Who is the content, uh, we'll call it the Content Promoter provider, uh, for today. And he's talked about how he's using, uh, automation systems to build email, uh, video, email, text, uh, messaging and Kcm content. So I hope that helps out Nancy. Uh, Stewart, um, has a quote, question about Price. Uh, Dave, you want to give a quick overview on price? Good thing. So the Salesmsg Pro plan is available in monthly and annual subscription options. Salesmsg. Month pro monthly is $35 a month. Salesmsg. Pro annual is $350 a year. They both come with all of our features, um, and they'll have a different message credit allotment. So for pro monthly, you're getting 750 a month. And for, uh, pro annual, you're getting $7,500 a year. Um, so with the annual version, if you, if you're good at quick math, you realize, oh, I saved two months when I'm going annual. And then for premium, it is $300 a month or $3,000, uh, a year. And it comes with either 7500 message credits a month or 90,000 message credits for the year. Okay, thank you. I'm going to bring up the, uh, the pricing page right now so everyone can kind of see what you just said. I think that's a, that's a helpful thing for sales people concerned or interested in pricing here. All right, uh, we got more and more questions. Okay. Uh, does Salesmsg integrate with other CRMs? Uh, like lion desk, KV core, um, lion desk. Let's see what other ones we have. Um, so we have a direct native integration with HubSpot ActiveCampaign Keep, which is infusionsoft and Pipedrive. Now through Zapier. There are a world of opportunities that open up for you there. And so if you have, uh, I would say a little bit more patience than most people, uh, and want to sit down and create some Zapier. Zaps, um, they're not really difficult to put together. If you know what Zapier is, then you probably already have an idea of, I can do it. If you've never heard of Zapier before, um, go check it out and if it's right for you. Uh, they integrate with thousands, they integrate thousands of other apps together in ways and combinations and recipes that allow you to do, uh, a lot of things that you can't do when other companies don't have native integrations. And so I hope that answers that for you. Sarah Graham and anonymous, uh, attendee. What a beautiful name. Anonymous attendee never. Uh, anyways, um, all right, so let's see, scrolling down 10:00 p.m.. Uh, let's see how long people message. I think we're getting pretty much close to the end here. Schedule, uh, them out, phone sleeping here. All right, yeah, we have the recording. I'm going to get that out to everybody via email once, uh, we wrap this up. And let's see here. Michael, David. Okay, yeah, everybody discount links. Okay. Thank you, David. Putting those discount links in there. Uh, I'm going to bring that back over here to Salesmsg. Uh, so that way, uh, as we close out things, you can still take advantage of Salesmsgs 50% off, uh, our monthly plan, pro or premium after four days. And so use, uh, SMSG appkcm to get that special deal that expires on Monday for keeping current matters. Of course, if you're not a member of them and you want to use Texting and Bomb Bomb, um, and want some great content to send out to your list to keep you relevant, to make sure you're keeping current matters. Um, they have trykcm.com offer and so, uh, I think I'm going to wrap it up here with you all guys here. I don't think there's any more questions. Um okay, well, uh, Cindy small. All right, this is going to be the last question, everybody. So if there's no more, um, after this, we're going to wrap it up. And if you have any other questions, david, what's a good way people can reach out to you, um, in case they have questions after we close things here? Yeah. The easiest way to reach our team is emailing support@salesmesters.com. Equally as easy, you could go to help salesmessage.com, and in the bottom right hand corner, there'll be a little circle icon that you can press and that will load up our live chat instance where you can just, uh, put a message in there. Someone will get to you shortly. And, um, Justin, in fact, if you let me, I'd be happy to take on Cindy's questions. So, for the number of text messages, there's one text for the conversation or account of each response back and forth. So that is a good question. It is each response back and forth. Message credits are consumed for inbound and outbound messaging. And for more on how message credits cost and how they're used on Salesmsg, I'll, um, drop some helpful resources in the chat. Okay? Yeah. Thank you. All right, everybody, let's, uh, give HM a final word from Alex, final word from Deryck, and then, uh, I got a final word from me and then yeah, you're welcome. Thank you, Cindy. All right, let's do it. So anyways, um, thanks again. Appreciate everybody tuning in. Um, we all get into our industries. Like, me as a realtor, got into this, um, dived in 16 years ago. I got into this business, obviously, to make money. But as I later in life, when I got married and had kids, I understood that it's not just about money, it's about having a lifestyle. Like, you can make all the money in the world, but if you're miserable, it's like, what's the point? Right? So, um, letter nugget for all of you is technology. Like, what you guys are doing here and team building, these are the two things that you need to embrace. And I get it. I understand some folks, they want to keep it old school, they want to do everything themselves, that's fine, that's okay. But I'm letting you know the disruption in our industry, in the real estate side, is going to be teams and technology. And whoever has better teams and whoever has better technology, it's going to do very well. And the rest I'm not sure about, but anyways, that's all I have to say. So those two books again. Four disciplines of execution and conversion code. These are two priceless. You definitely want to read these books and live by those books. Like, if you were in my office right now and you can see my board, everything in this office is built based on that four disciplines of execution. Thanks for, um, letting me come on, Justin. Appreciate it. You're welcome. It's been a pleasure, Alex. Thank you. And of course, Deryck, get the final word here. My final word is that the mortgage business is, for lack of a better word, it's a crappy job. You don't get a real salary, you're at the beck and call. You can become a slave to it, but it's an amazing business. You can make a fortune with it and you can build what Alex was just saying, an amazing life. But the key is that you have to approach it like a business. And then the doctors and the dentists, they know this stuff. They get this stuff at dental school and at MD school. We don't get this stuff. And that's really where my passion lies. And that's what we take on. We help these people build it as a real business. Because if you have a business mindset and you do that, as I said, you can make a fortune at this and you can love your life. And I just want to let you know that you can have it all. You can. But, uh, if you stay in just sales person mentality grinding out, it is tough. It is a really tough grind. Alex said it well. Everybody starts out with a bunch of energy and I'm going to go do this and it's going to be awesome and blah, blah, blah, blah. But if you don't do it the correct way, it literally can take over your entire life. Um, we see it every day with people, we talk to people every day about it and um, it's a true passion of mine to help people like Stacy. As she said, I'm here to shift their mindset, to build it as a business, to employ systems and to have fun doing it. And that's it. Man. Yeah. I love it. Well, thank you Alex. Thank you, Deryck. Thank you. Terry. Behind the scenes, David and support Chris person Bill, uh, Harney at, uh, keeping current matters jacket. Keeping Current Matters, David at keeping Current Matters, uh, Jay Kinder and the whole Naea crew and everyone else who supported today's webinar to make it possible and powerful for everybody. You can expect an email, uh, for me in the next, I would say an hour or so, uh, with the recording and any sort of links and follow ups that you might want to need and see to take things forward to the next level with what you've learned here today. I'm Justin Zimmerman, director of Partnerships here at Salesmsg. Until next time you will.
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