February 2022 - Salesmsg Product Updates

Learn more about Salesmsg product updates, features, and enhancements for February 2022.


The text describes the latest features from Salesmsg in 2022, including the addition of a voicemail feature for Salesmsg Calling and the introduction of Phone Checker to validate phone numbers and improve deliverability. Salesmsg also added a Media Library to organize attachments and a Soft Delete feature to delete unresponsive contacts while preserving conversation history. Additionally, Salesmsg introduced new filters to help segment customers, including total messages and total calls received. The text concludes by asking for feedback from viewers and encouraging them to subscribe for future updates.

M hello. Salesmen 2022 is off to a great start. We are back with some awesome features that I can't wait to show to you, so let's just jump right in. So, have you been enjoying Salesmsg calling but you're worried about your calls going unanswered? Well, no more, because this month we introduced a voicemail and it's so easy to set up. You just navigate to the settings of any of your inboxes and yes, you can set up a voicemail for each one of your inboxes and enable Voicemail with one click. From there, you're able to choose a greeting for your business hours and another one for after your business hours if you want one. It's so simple. Just like that, you can record a voicemail or upload the one that you already like. You can choose to receive all those voicemails right into your email. And once you do receive a voicemail, this recording will be displayed in a nice way right in the conversation for you to have all the contacts you need to either call back, reply with a text right there, or even schedule a text for later. Have you ever sent a mass text to a large list of contacts to only learn after that half of them were landlines? Well, this month we introduced a simple yet very powerful feature that will literally help you boost the deliverability of your text messages. And we're calling it. Phone checker. With the Phone Checker, you can now validate each and every single contact on your list and know whether it's a landline, a VoIP, or regular phone number. With that, you can limit your campaigns to numbers that you know will receive your text message. That way, you don't only boost your deliverability, but you also get the most value of your Salesmsg credits, but actually gets better. You can set it to run on cruise control in the background doing the hard work for you. Validating every single number you add to sales. Last month we rolled out video, texting and file attachments, and many of you have been having fun with them. This month, we're making it even better with another feature to help you organize your documents and videos. And that's the media library. With the media library, you can see all the attachments that you sent in the past. You can select multiple, you can add new ones. You can also even delete or download attachments. That way, it's all there for you. And you can, with one click, select multiple attachments and hit send. Do you have many conversations that are just not going anywhere? Maybe it's a dead lead or a contact that opted out of receiving text messages? Well, now, with soft delete, you can delete that contact but have the peace of mind that should they text you back again, or should you add that number back to your list? All that contact history, from the conversation to the notes, to even the attachments will be all retrieved and you will be able to pick up exactly where you left off. Last but not least, every month we continue to add more and more filters to help you segment your customers in more precise ways. This month, we added total messages received and total calls received to help you quickly identify your most engaged customers or even the ones that require more attention. That's it for me today, so let us know. What do you think of these features? Is there anything else you want us to add? Leave us a comment below. And as always, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Hit that Ah bell icon so that you are informed every update that we push out. And as always, thanks for watching and I'll see you next month.
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