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Create An Automated Email & SMS Prospecting System using LeadFuze, Woodpecker, & Salesmsg.


The transcript is a recording of a workshop on automating prospecting for sales. The workshop has three experts, including the Founder and CEO of Salesmsg, an SMS expert, a lead targeting master from LeadFuze, and the Head of Growth at Woodpecker. The experts talk about their tools and systems that can help automate the prospecting process, and they aim to show the audience how to set it all up in 60 minutes or less. They also encourage the audience to participate in the workshop by asking questions and sharing their prospecting challenges.

Their own solutions and wondering what is and what if, um, are the right tools and systems for that process. And so I just want to say good morning, everybody. Good afternoon, everybody. And for some people, good evening. We've got people all across the world right now from all different time zones checking in and watching us help put this together before. And so as you come in, why don't you just drop where you're from. Use the little chat featured not the Q and A, but pop into the chat and say, hey, hi. Where are you from? Where are you in the world? Would love to know. Dallas. Laura. Iowa. USA. Nice. Rick. Ohio. Newport Beach, Moombai. Wow. North Colorado. Look at everybody here. Spoke hand. Washington. I love this. So much fun. And, um, one of the things we really want to help give you today by putting these three experts who you're about to learn in me is a singular approach that's going to really, truly help you automate your prospecting in a way that you never thought possible. Of course, you've seen the little tagline get leads, send emails, send text, get more sales, or whatever your big result is. And so let's move on to the next slide here, let me show you. If you haven't yet done so, please go to this link and download your PDF action guide. There's going to be things you can write down and follow along. If you have that right beside you already, congratulations. You're sitting in the front row like an A student. And it's a fantastic opportunity to, um, print that out, wait a couple of minutes while people continue to pour in. Continue to share where you're from as you're joining us. We've got more and more people coming in as we speak. We're at 77, 80 people now. And so, um, let's get going here. If you don't have that PDF download, you, um, still have time. We will continue to move forward in the introductions. Download it, print it out. You're going to want to use it to follow along. All right, so some quick housekeeping for everybody. This is going to be an interactive session. You're probably going to have questions. And when you do, if you've not used, zoom in this way before. There are two ways. One way is to use the chat. The other way is to use Q and A. When you have questions, use the Q and A. Please use that. We've got Dave and Anna from a woodpecker and Salesmsg. They're going to be in there, and so you'll see their names pop up. In fact, Dave and Anna if you're in the chat, say hi right now so people can know who you are and we get those questions answered. All right moving on now about your host. That's me. I'm Justin Zimmerman. I'm the Director of Partnerships here at Salesmsg. And a big part of my day, every day is really looking out into the world and asking, well, what are Salesmsg customers doing to generate leads, turn them into appointments, sales, and follow up to get the results? And surprisingly, we have a lot of salespeople who are using Salesmsg. And so that means if you are in the world of trying to generate leads and convert them into appointments, um, I looked out and I wondered, who are the best people doing the best things? What are the best tools? What are the best systems? And that's why I've brought us all here today, to help give a singular approach around what are the other tools that top salespeople are using? And that's why we have leads from Lead Fuse and Cold emails from Woodpecker. And so, by the end of today, we're really going to give you that all in one system. Um, let's not waste another minute here by bringing out some of our experts first, starting with Chris Prasan. We're so lucky to have him. He is the founder and CEO of Salesmsg. He is an SMS expert. He has seen thousands, if not tens of thousands of different types of campaigns and help people send millions of messages with text. And so, Chris, I'd love to bring you on and help share with the audience right now. What's the number one most thing you're excited to share with everybody today? I'm super excited. Um, Justin was putting this whole thing together and I thought, oh my gosh, this is the perfect combination of tools so customers can create a fully automated prospecting system. And so I'm really excited to tie it all together. And so this is really a workshop. The cool thing about this is you're going to learn really step by step on how to implement everything from getting leads to Cold app on email, to using SMS to engage. So I'm really pumped. So buckle up. If you haven't downloaded that PDF, definitely do it now. You're going to learn throughout this whole process and it's our ultimate goal to show you, um, how to set it all up in 60 minutes or less. So, thanks everyone, for joining. Yeah, thank you Chris, so much. And so, of course, next up on the line is we've got our lead targeting master from Lead Fuse. Andy, who has personally trained some of the world's best prospectors and recruiters in the world to create hyper targeted lists inside of Lead Fuse. She is the woman behind so many different things going on there. So I'm really excited to bring her on right now. And Andy, why don't you tell the audience what's the number one thing you're most excited to share and teach everybody today? Thanks, Justin. Welcome, everyone. I am really excited to show everyone how Lead Use can help them save time and money in finding their ideal leads. That's wonderful. Who wants less than ideal leads? Nobody. So I'm glad that's the thing that show us the non ideal leads. Just joking. Um, and of course, last but not least, Yuri head of Growth at Woodpecker. I mean, this guy every day is looking inside of the campaigns that are working, not working, looking at testing and AB testing and subject lines. And so he's got a fantastic lens. Today. He's going to show you how it all comes together inside the system in Uri, Europe. Why don't you tell us what the number one thing you're most excited to share with everybody today is? Hey, everybody. If you're looking for ways to bookmark meetings from your outreach and to increase your response levels, I'm really excited to share with you great subject lines, proven called emails, a couple of interesting follow ups, um, ways that you can increase your deliverability and also mistakes that you need to avoid in order to be successful in outreach. Well, that's it right there. We can't wait to get to that. All right, so now that we've learned about our experts and what you're going to learn from them today, what they're most excited to share with you, let's take a moment right now and learn a little bit about you. You're going to see on your screen right now some questions. There's a poll I'm running right now. There's two questions you'll see right there. So when you answer the first one, what CRM you use? And the other question is going to be what, um, size team you have? This is going to be really helpful for us to understand, um, who's in the audience and maybe some ways we can tweak today's presentation and workshop to help suit a little bit more about your exact real world environment. So the numbers are coming in. Thank you, everybody, for taking the polls. We've got, so far, a lot of HubSpot people, a lot of active campaign, a lot of pipe drive people not a lot of instrumentsoft, a lot of others. Ah, a lot of nuns. We got one person, two people wondering what a CRM is. So happy to help you just kind of figure that out in a second. All right, coming in, coming in. We're almost there, guys. Thank you so much. And so if you haven't answered the second question, just help us understand your team size, if you haven't given that yet. Great. Thank you, everybody. A lot of just solopreneurs out there, hustling, making a dollar, a big chunk of you guys on teams of two to ten. Fantastic. That seems to be where everybody is at. All right, so it looks like the polls in. Um, I'm going to count down. Three, two, one. Great. Thank you, everybody. All right, so we got a big bunch of HubSpot users, a big bunch of pipe drive users, a bunch of people using other and then for those of you who are not using it or don't know what a CRM is for that one person, a CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that's just basically an automation system. Go type CRM and you'll see what that's all about. Thank you, everybody. That's fantastic. Um, we were planning on that, so I think that's actually, um, pretty close to what we were expecting here today. So the content we're going to produce is going to line up really well. And for those of you who took the time to do the homework ahead of time and you've done this little worksheet, what are the biggest three prospecting challenges you're facing? Why don't you jump into the chat right now, which is not the Q and A, the chat and share one or two of the things you'd love to really solve today out of your world. So is it getting leads? Is it email deliverability? Do you have trouble getting the right headlines written? Is it too much manual work? Just kind of share that in the chat right now. I would love to hear and see what you all are thinking. Let's see what we got here. How long? Let's see getting the books. Are open rates less response rates or open rates? What else do we got here? A good copy. That's over to you, Chris and Yuri. Getting good leads and responses? That's all of us. All right, who else, what else do you guys want to learn about? Is it the automated deliverability? That's a big one. Who answers the lead initially whe…
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