February, 2021 - Product updates

Chrome Extension Notifications, Team Avatars, Automated Zapier Tag Temoval, and more!


Salesmsg has introduced several updates to make its service more efficient and user-friendly. The updates include a Salesmsg Chrome extension that lights up and scales up when you receive a text to your personal or shared inbox, allowing you to read and respond to messages from the extension itself. Other updates include allowing team members to upload a personal photo to their profile, making it easy to identify who's saying what, and removing tags using Zapier to help in searching messages or tag contacts within Salesmsg. Users can now easily search for and update Salesmsg webhooks using their CRM, and messaging CRM contacts from Salesmsg is now as simple as typing the contact name and sending a message.

Welcome back Salesmsg, nation. I'm Justin Zimmerman, your Director of Content. Here at Salesmsg, working behind the scenes to make sure you know everything you. Can about how to take advantage and make Salesmsg the most valuable product for you. And so, in today's update, we've got some amazing things that if you're in sales, marketing, support, or running a team or business, these are going to be updates you're not going to want to miss. So, to start us off, let's take it over to Mallory Mallory. Hello, folks. For those of you who spend the bulk of your time in Chrome, like maybe inside your CRM, but you're not necessarily camped out in the Salesmsg. Web app, let me ask you this. Have you downloaded the Chrome extension? This next update will make the Chrome extension in you the best of buds. So now, whenever you get a text to your personal inbox or your shared inbox, the Salesmsg Chrome extension will light up and scale it up until you've read all of those unread messages, which, by the way, you can read and respond to them right from the Chrome extension. So, to get this going, just Google Salesmsg Chrome extension, download it, then pin it to your browser and go about your day. When a new message comes in, you'll. Always see how many unreads you have left. Simply pop open the extension and reply right there. Good to be back. And this next update is for managers, account owners, and teams. And so we've heard from a number. Of customers who want a better way. To see who on your team is. Responding to which messages. And so, before this update, all that we gave you was the initials of your teammates. Kind of boring and even a little. Confusing if you had two or three people on your team with the same. Initials working in the same inbox. But now everybody on your team can. Upload a personal photo to their profile and have it appear in the conversation timeline. Not only does this update make it easy to see who's saying what to. Who, but add some fun personalization as well. And so, if you're like me, you. Probably have more photos on your phone. Than you do on your desktop. And let's say you want to get. Those inside of Salesmsg. Well, super easy. Just go to your profile inside the mobile app. Ah, tap Edit, and right from your. Camera roll, you can select which picture you want to show up inside the conversation timeline. It's easy to get your face on your account. And so if you also want to. Add a picture from the desktop app, you can do that as well by just going into your profile icon, hitting the settings, finding the Upload Profile Image. Button, and you're set ready to go from there. Now, in addition to adding a tag, you can remove a tag magically with Sapir. This is extremely helpful for those of you who disposition your contacts or lead using some sort of action or trigger. Here's the perfect example. Let's say an existing contact had a Salesmsg tag called Lead, and then let's say that Contact filled out a form or booked a demo um, or an appointment with you. With this update, you can now tell Zapier to apply a demo prospect tag and remove the Lead tag so you can easily search a message or tag contacts inside of Salesmsg. The options to automate Salesmsg tagging with Zapier are now unlimited. Just log into your Zapier account, choose an existing or create a new Zap, and then under Action Events, select Remove Tag from Contact. Do you use Salesmsg triggers for HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, or with any CRM that uses webhooks? Well, we've made it way easier for you to search for and update those triggers. Now sigh with me. If this sounds like your life. You have a bunch, if not dozens of Salesmsg web hooks baked into your CRM. And it drives you crazy to click through your list of triggers and Salesmsg one by one by one every time you want to change the content of your message. Okay, now smile with me, because in. Your new life, you can simply copy. The Webhook URL from inside your CRM. And paste it into the Salesmsg search bar. And voila. That's it. We'll find your trigger inside a Salesmsg. No need to remember what you named it and no need to suffer through any of the pain in the butt one by one by one. Searching. Hey, friends. This next update makes Salesmsg better for everyone. Once your account owner integrates Salesmsg with your CRM, the next thing you want to do is send some messages without any cumbersome exporting or importing but you're nodding your head. We listened and made messaging your CRM contacts from Salesmsg as easy as 1231. Make sure your CRM is integrated with Salesmsg. Number two type in the name of your contact into the search bar. Number three start texting. It's seriously? That's simple. You can immediately text any contact, no matter if they are in HubSpot, infusionsoft ActiveCampaign Pipe Drive from the Salesmsg Chrome extension app, Salesmsg.com, or from the Android or iOS mobile app. Well, wasn't that fun? All those amazing updates. And so now that you know all the new ways Salesmsg has been enhanced to help you and your business, I'd like to say thank you. And that wraps up this month's Salesmsg product Announcement update. But if you have ideas as well. That you want to see us bring. To life, well a lot of what you saw today comes from there. And so if you have an idea you'd like to submit feedback on how. We can make Salesmsg better, all. You got to do is go to feedback Salesmsg.com or log into the Salesmsg web app and scroll down to your. Profile icon and you'll see a little thing called feature requests. Well, that's it from us. Me, myself and the whole team. We love reviewing your feedback. We love hearing what works. We love sharing this with you. Until next time, have a great rest of your day. Thank you.
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