Conversation Assignment

Find the perfect team member for every inbound SMS with Conversation Assignment!


The video introduces the new and improved conversation assignment feature in Salesmsg that allows users to handle every conversation effectively and efficiently. The feature includes options for manual assignment, Round Robin assignment, and assigning conversations to the contact owner in the CRM. Users can also set their status as unavailable to avoid being assigned new conversations.

Hi, everyone. In this video, I want to walk you through the new and improved conversation assignment feature that will help you ensure that every conversation is handled effectively and efficiently. So the nice thing about these, uh, conversation, uh, assignment rules is that they could be set up at the inbox level. So if you go to any inbox and then navigate to the settings, you will see that the conversation assignment section has more options right now. So the, uh, obvious one that you are probably already aware of is the manual assignment whereby you can either choose to leave incoming conversations as unassigned and let your team self select to assign them to the conversations they're best suited to handle, or you can assign them all automatically to a specific individual. Maybe it's a manager who can then redistribute to the rest of the team. If you have a support inbox or a sales inbox where you want the, uh, agents to rotate, uh, for new conversations, you can use the round robin assignment which will help you balance the load and handle conversations effectively. Now, the nice thing, the nice addition we added to round robin assignment is that you can select which members of that inbox are included in the round robin assignment. But also a step further. If any of those members at any given point in time are unable to take new conversations, what you can do is, uh what they can do is they can set themselves as a way, set, uh, their status as a way, and then they will be skipped from, uh, being assigned to new conversations. Last but not least, and this is a new addition we added is now you can maintain that continuity of, uh, the relationship with the customer by assigning conversations to the contact owner in your CRM, in this case, HubSpot. So you can set it such that if the contact has a contact owner in HubSpot, they will also be assigned to that text message conversation in sales message. You can also do a hybrid assignment, uh, logic whereby first, uh, it's to the contact owner. And if that's not found in the CRM, you can fall back to unassigned or round robin. So I hope this new and improved conversation assignment logic helps you tackle your conversations in a more efficient manner and let us know how else we can make it even better for you. Thanks.
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