April, 2023 - Product Update

Credit Usage Report, Schedule & Draft SMS, Broadcast Bulk Actions, Unanswered Call Actions, Unread Messages Count & More!


In this video, we are discussing Salesmsg's latest features and improvements. These include but not limited to a Credit Usage Report, Draft and Scheduled Messages, Bulk Actions for broadcast results, the ability to redirect mutes or unanswered calls to voicemail.

Hi, everyone. We are cruising through 2023 as we round up the first quarter. We are back with an awesome list of features and improvements, so let's review them together. First on the list is the Credit Usage dashboard. With this new dashboard, you no longer need to guess how you are using your credit and on what. You can filter your usage by inbox member or even number. Choose a specific time range to know exactly how many credits you spent during that period. In addition, you have details, texting and calling logs that will list all your calls and texts, along with how many credits were used for each. Whether you got distracted halfway through drafting a message or you scheduled it for later and you forgot, you don't have to sweat the details. With the all new draft and scheduled conversation views you can view all your draft messages and all your scheduled messages in one place. From there, you can either edit or delete these messages or update them on the spot. You have successfully sent a broadcast. So, what's next? Now you can action the results of your broadcast right from the Broadcast Report page. You can select one or more contacts and use the bulk actions to either tag them, delete those contacts, enroll them in a net new broadcast, or even validate those numbers with phone check. If you ever receive a phone call and you're not able to pick it up, you no longer have to listen to it ring endlessly. You can simply mute the call or reply with a short text message, or simply hang up. When you do so, the caller will be directed right to voicemail. Last but not least, we improve the unread conversations view to add the exact counter of unread messages just to give you another way to better prioritize. And that's a wrap. Thanks for tuning in. Make sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon to make sure that you are up to date with the latest and greatest from Sales message. Thanks again for tuning in and I'll see you next month.
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