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In this video, Salesmsg showcases four advanced features that have been recently added to their messaging platform to enable users to have better conversations. The first feature is an improved ability to schedule messages, allowing users to manage their conversations better. The second feature is the ability to save drafts and view them in a new view called Drafts. The third feature is the undo message option, giving users up to five seconds to recall a message. Finally, the fourth feature is the fallback for merge fields, which helps avoid sending incomplete messages. Salesmsg continues to invest in new features to enhance their users' messaging experience, and they welcome feedback on how to improve it further.

At Salesmsg, we believe that conversations are good for business. So we continuously invest in new features and improvements that may allow you to have even better conversations. So, in this video, I want to. Walk you through four advanced features that. We added that will allow you to. Do just that, starting with the improved. Ability to schedule messages. Scheduling messages is a great way to either, you know, tackle your conversations and. Bollock, you know, after hours, if you're working late, or if you want to. Just make sure that a whole bunch of follow ups are scheduled in advance. So I'm going to go hit here and schedule a new message. Hi, uh, just following up. Um, and I'm going to schedule it. To go out tomorrow. So now what you can do is there is a whole new view called Scheduled Messages, where you can view all your scheduled messages in one view. Not only that, you can start to edit them. Right. Previously, uh, we were not able to change the body of the message, but now we can change the body of the message as well as the date. And time it's going to go out. So, just another way to help you. Uh, better manage your scheduled conversations. The second one is draft messages. This is one that we get requested a lot from, uh, our users. And let's say here I start typing. Hi, just following up. Uh, did you get a chance to review? But then halfway through typing the message. I get distracted or get a phone call and then I leave it where it is. So, as you can see here now, the draft whatever conversation you started, uh. Typing is retained for you. So, to go back to it without. Losing that thought, even better, you can view all your drafts in the new view here, called Drafts. From this view, you can either delete, uh, whatever message or edit it. So that's, uh, the second improvement I. Wanted to walk you through today. Uh, the third again, is still around the messaging, uh, experience, and that is the undo message. So you can set it up here, uh, by default, uh, or turn it off, uh, whatever works for you. And what it does is just gives you that peace of mind. If you have an important conversation and you made a typo in your message. You have up to five, uh, seconds to recall it. So let me show you how that works. So, testing undo. So I'm going to go ahead and send this. As you can see, I have 5 seconds and I can just simply undo and it's gone. Uh, or if I want, if I'm. Good with it, I can just hit instant Send. The last feature I want to walk you through today, and it's small, yet very, very powerful. And that's the fallback for merge fields. Let's say I'm setting up a broadcast here, and I want to use merge. Fields, for example, high and then I'm going to use the first name that way my broadcast is personalized. But what if that first name property is empty or, uh, it's not populated so can just add a fallback there and save it. And then I know that my users are not going to get clunky, uh, messages that are just incomplete. So I hope these improvements help you. Get the most out of the messaging experience in salesmsg and let us know how else we can improve it for you. Thank you.
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