April, 2022 - Product Updates

HubSpot Tickets, Granular Opt-outs Management, Broadcast Filters, and More!


Salesmsg has released its monthly update for April 2022, which includes several new features and improvements. One of the most significant updates is the integration with HubSpot tickets, allowing users to send SMS, MMS, video, and even make phone calls. Another exciting feature is the granular opt-out management that enables users to manage the opt-out status of each contact in their database for different types of numbers. Additionally, Salesmsg has extended broadcast filters and added user merge fields, allowing users to add their name and email with one click. Finally, the update includes the addition of Salesmsg triggers and actions for deal-based workflows, enabling users to rely on SMS to close deals faster.

hello sales message nation another month and another product monthly update we are back as we close the first quarter of 2022 with a whole bunch of features and improvements that we think you are going to love so let's jump right in first on the list is a big one for our hubspot users just like hubspot contacts and deals sales message is now available for hubspot tickets right from a hubspot ticket you now have the ability to send sms mms video and even make phone calls using the sales message hubspot integration next on the list we have a very cool feature that we designed for our customers who rely on different types of numbers to engage their customers from short codes to local to toll-free numbers and that's granular opt-out management so what the with this feature allows you to do is understand and manage the opt out status of each and every contact in your database for all the different types of numbers you have this flexibility extends to filters and even broadcasts broadcast is one of the most used features on sales message that's why many of our users have a long list of broadcasts that they have created and relied on to contact their customers however finding the broadcast that you're looking for from your previous list can be very tricky that's why we extended broadcast filters to allow you to find the broadcast you're looking for based on date based on the user who created it and even the number that was used to send out the broadcast do you ever wish you never had to type your name and email address every single time you sent a message to a new prospect well no more with sales message user merge fields you can add your first name last name and email with one click right from the message window but it gets better as a team lead you can create standard signatures for your team members who are on sales message that they can reuse every time they send a message last but not least another hubspot improvement and that's the addition of sales message triggers and actions for deal-based workflows now rely on sms to close those deals faster than ever that rounds it up for this month thanks for tuning in if there is a feature that you want us to build hop over to feedback.salesmessage.com and let us know and make sure to hit that subscribe button hit that bell icon so that when we do build it you are the first to know thanks for watching and i'll see you next
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